The Truth About Labels

Labels are of this world, but what we use them for are things that are not of this world.  Labels, descriptions, any other kind of word that you can use that is similar to the word “label”- they are all one and the same.  We use them in our lives in order to communicate with each other, to describe things; we use them so that we can understand our connections.

Pick any kind of label and think about it.  Labels are common sense.  It’s the reason why there are several different kinds of languages on this planet.  Using, obviously, English as an example, what makes something “hot” or “cold” or “dry” or “wet”?  You get stuck walking into work in the rain, you come inside and explain to your co-workers, “I’m all wet!  And now I’m freezing cold!”  Is it true that you are not “dry” – YES is it true that you are not “warm” – YES!  But think deeper into this, what makes you wet and cold other than the rain.  Nature is nature – everything just “is” until we decide to place a label on it based on the collective agreements on what those descriptions that we are sensing are.

Lets use “pots” and/or “pans” as an example.  When you remove the label “pot” or “pan” – what’s left?  What you have is your existence, the item’s existence, and your connection to that item.

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The relationship/CONNECTION between the pot and you is that it’s purpose of existence is as a physical inanimate object.
The relationship/CONNECTION between you and the pot is your existence allows you to use inanimate objects as tools for survival.
So, without the label we have an object and a conscious being.  As English speaking humans, collectively, we have agreed upon the use of the word “pot” to describe a utensil used for cooking.  So, now we have connection and from that connection we have created a label for that connection!  That’s why pot in spanish is not “pot” (I don’t know spanish, so it could be, but I think you catch my drift).  This is why different languages exist!  Its not the words that are being translated, its the connections that are being “translated” – in a way, in translations, it is the connections that are being connected!
Labels in things like pots and pans are typically, amongst people who speak the same language, pretty cut and dry.  There’s usually no arguing about it.  I think that it’s safe to say that one English speaking person would not go to another English speaking person with a plate and say “Here’s that pot you asked for”.  Labels for things that we can sense with our physical senses, I feel, are usually agreed upon collectively. 
However, this becomes a bit more confusing and a bit more controversial, if you will, when it comes to things of a spiritual nature.  When it comes to things that we can’t sense with our physical senses and labels for those things.  
When it comes to the labels “soulmate” or “twin flame” or “twin soul” or “false twin” – things can get a bit more sticky.  Because these are things that we cannot sense with our physical senses, there are more variations of what these are, even between people who speak the same language.  Some differentiate “twin flame” and “twin soul” – and other people view the two as the same.  Some people view a “twin flame” as someone who is connected to another person and everything is easy and peachy, happy-go-lucky, and amazing and other people see that same description as a “soulmate”and view the “twin flame” label as a different kind of connection, a connection that shows you what you need to work on within yourself, a connection that is not an easy one.  Quite the opposite descriptions for those labels I might say! 
We are spiritual beings experiencing the human condition.  As I believe I may have said it before, but just in case, I will say it again, humans are a part of this world.  Nature is a part of this world.  What makes us think that we are somehow immune to the laws of nature and that we have absolute control over what we experience?  As spiritual beings, when it comes to spirituality and spiritual labels, you will find that there are sub-collectives.  So, basically, just smaller groups that will come together and agree upon a label for a connection of the spiritual or “5D” (as opposed to 3D/physical) world.  They resonate with each other.  This is why, YOU, as your own wonderful spiritual being self, are the best guide for your own spiritual belief systems.  Nobody can tell you that you are right, and nobody can tell you that you are wrong.  You just have different labels for connections based off of what you resonate with.  And that is okay!  Every person is on their own path, every person has their own lessons to learn, their own growth to grow, and their own beliefs to believe.  The fact that someone has different spiritual belief systems than you does not make them wrong.  Your truth is your truth and their truth is just as much their TRUTH.  
If you’re on a journey of self-discovery, and you’re finding yourself confused when it comes to the truth in labels, take a look in the mirror.  Only you can create that kind of truth for yourself.  

In a vague way, you can connect the spiritual belief systems labels with physical labels in different languages, such as our pot and pan.  The only difference would be that there are different connections for the label versus different labels for the connections.  Pot and pan are English labels for connections – maceta and sartenes are Spanish labels for the connections – the connections earlier described between the object and conscious being (sorry if Google translations are wrong Spanish speaking folks!) and said connection is the same either way, just different labels.  In spirituality, however, the same words can be used to describe different connections.  The “twin flame” label is the same word, same label (in English) – but people have different connections to that word.

The same can be said about “hot” and “cold” – they are labels for our connection to our surrounding environment.

Spiritually speaking, take a look at your labels, what is your connection to those labels. Are you seeing those labels for what they are in just being or are you seeing those labels as they are connected to you or even to someone else? Maybe you even have all three going on at the same time? Connection will be what connection is, no matter what you call it. It will always be until it serves its purpose in your life. Keep a balance though and also know that labels also do serve a purpose in helping us navigate the 3D realm and assist us in communicating effectively.

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