I want to make sure that you get the best out of your coaching sessions. This means that I might not be the right coach for you, and that is okay! I want you to be able to have a free session with me in order to see if I am the right coach for you so that you can make the decision that fits you the best! There is no fee, I do not need any account information, just email me to schedule an appointment and I will put you on my schedule.

If you would like more time, you can upgrade your initial discovery session to a full session for $50!

Make sure you check out the rest of my website for additional details regarding my coaching and packages! Specialty packages and payment plans are available! Email me for details.


Single Session – $100 *Per Couple – $200

One Month (4 Sessions) – $400 $360 (10% off) *Per Couple – $720

Six Months (24 Sessions) – $2,400$1,920 (20% off) *Per Couple – $3,840

One year (52 Sessions) – $5,200 $3,640 (30% off) *Per Couple – $7,280

Session packages are not based on time frame and are based on number of sessions. You do not need to have consecutive sessions, you may schedule them as you need/wish! If you are not sure what package is right for you and don’t know where to start, I suggest the Root Camp program below.

Root Camp

Find out what is stopping you from living your truth and being your true self in just 8 weeks! Root Camp is an AMAZING program that is designed to uncover these blocks and move past them. See my “About” section for more details.

8 Session (consecutive eight week) Root Camp (Single) – $800$500 ($300 off!)

8 Session (consecutive eight week) Root Camp (Couple) – $1,600$1,000 ($600 off!)

Email me today to secure your spot & purchase a package or pay through the option below! I have limited spots available.

*I also accept cryptocurrency

Pursue You

Coaching Package

Please enter in the “quantity” section, the price of the package you wish to purchase and send me an email.


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