I know you have traveled a long and difficult road. ¬†Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in our own victimization and say “why me?” but I am here to tell you that this will not last for forever. ¬†I promise you that relief is coming. ¬†You say, “well you’ve told me that before andContinue reading “Relief”

Letting Go

Relax, stop thinking so much. It doesn’t matter how it happened but it did and that’s all in the past now. I am proud of the way you are handling it and remember, everything happens according to plan. This was all part of your journey – accept it and move forward without dwelling too much.Continue reading “Letting Go”

Let the Story Unfold

Dear little one, do not worry. ¬†Remember that what appears good is not always good and what appears bad is not always bad. ¬†I am always with you. ¬†Just close your eyes and you will feel me. ¬†You are beautiful, don’t you forget that. ¬†Remember that life is not planned out as a repetitive cycle,Continue reading “Let the Story Unfold”

Live Now

Remember to live in the present moment. You have strayed from this lately and that’s okay. It’s part of the plan but now‚Äôs the time where you need to work on yourself and get back to that state of mind. I know you can do it, you are determined, but it won’t come easy asContinue reading “Live Now”

You Are Not Crazy

I want to speak with you. You have gone through a rough patch recently – and all of that is absolutely okay. You are not crazy my dear. You are perfectly fine and what you are feeling and experiencing is REAL. Don’t forget that. Let it all go. You have the power to have anythingContinue reading “You Are Not Crazy”

Focus on the Positive

Good job keep up the good work. You are doing excellent. Stay patient and positive. Believe and trust. I know that it’s hard sometimes and lately your “head” is really starting to get you, but just relax and trust. Think about all the reasons you should trust us, not reasons not to. Sometimes one badContinue reading “Focus on the Positive”

Love is Everything

Love is everything. Love is all that there is. The base of the survival of the human race is love, at its very core. Be patient with yourself and others. Remember that there is only love and we are all one – love. Sometimes things get tough, we must be patient. Everyone has their ownContinue reading “Love is Everything”


Love yourself and love other people. Not just for your own good but for the good of others. We are not separate from the miracle that surrounds us. We are not separate from the natural flow of life. Just as plants and animals, our lives have a natural flow to it and its purpose isContinue reading “Acceptance”

Progress Takes Time

Love cannot be contained. It shoots out from all of us faster than anything imaginable. It radiates out and penetrates everything and everyone we come into contact with, regardless of what we may think of them. We are all the same on the inside. We are all made up out of the same thing. LoveContinue reading “Progress Takes Time”

Follow Your Own Path

Be yourself in everything that you do. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. This is your life and only your life, all other opinions outside of your own do not matter. It’s always good to reach out for help, but in the end you have to be confident in yourself and follow your ownContinue reading “Follow Your Own Path”

Flow With the River

As sure as the sun will rise and give me a brand new day I know God will give me what I need whenever I need it. Relax beautiful, all is well. You are a wonderful human being and you are a wonderful soul. There are not many out there that are quite like you,Continue reading “Flow With the River”

Accept Your Feelings

You will be okay I promise, you will get through this just as you have gotten through all the rough times you have gone through before. You can’t change how you feel – just accept your feelings. But you cannot let your feelings affect you and your life that you live. Don’t worry about whatContinue reading “Accept Your Feelings”

Empower Yourself

You are not what others say you are unless you give them more power over your own thoughts. You have a bright light, let that light out and let people see your light. Your light can pierce through even the blackest of darks. Don’t wallow away in sadness – let your light shine out andContinue reading “Empower Yourself”

Believe What You Believe

Don’t feel discouraged, keep your head up and have some confidence in yourself. Keep that power strong, don’t let it dwindle. You noticed the opposite situation in all of this and saw that things are not always as they seem and you had a feeling from the very beginning what it really was. Trust yourContinue reading “Believe What You Believe”


Be patient my darling, good things come in due time. We can’t get restless. Restlessness is impatience and impatience is unhappiness and anticipation for the future. Our lives are filled with joy every second of our lives. Do you feel lucky to have a life? Be grateful for the smaller things in life and youContinue reading “Patience”

Believe in Yourself

Relax little one, all is well. Things are on the up and up and soon you will get the chance to recognize this for yourself. Believe in yourself my dear. You have many many strengths. I know that you have been wrong in the past and that is quite okay, but just because you haveContinue reading “Believe in Yourself”

Beauty in Everything

This is a beautiful world, don’t you see? If you look at the things that surround you, whether it be nature or a building do you not see the beauty in it all? When you feel like nothing, when you feel like your stuck in the mud, just look at your surroundings. What is theContinue reading “Beauty in Everything”

New Possibilities

Don’t get discouraged. Think about everything that you have learned. Don’t let your ego destroy you. Remember that just because something happened before, doesn’t mean it’s bound to happen again. Open the door to the new possibilities. It’s hard to believe sometimes because it has yet to happen to us. The worst possible outcome isContinue reading “New Possibilities”

What to Do?

You already know what to do. ¬†Just follow your heart. ¬†Remember it’s all part of the plan. ¬†You haven’t given up on yourself and don’t think that you have just because things aren’t being done daily doesn’t mean progress is not being made. ¬†Keep control of that ego and keep it from spinning out ofContinue reading “What to Do?”

Believe in What You’re Comfortable With

We are whoever you think we are, sometimes you will get something and immediately think of somebody. We can be whoever you want us to be. There are many belief systems out there – whichever label you want to put on us – will be okay. Labels are nothing to us. We don’t care. It’sContinue reading “Believe in What You’re Comfortable With”

Breaking Down to Build Back Up

My dear one, do nothing. Remember that your angels are near and you are never alone. We are here to help you along your path. Your very own unique path. We all have our own. I know that it’s hard sometimes, especially when the outside isn’t reflecting what feels right on the inside. Stay strongContinue reading “Breaking Down to Build Back Up”

A Different Perspective

You are light, you are love, you are happiness and you are joy. All of these things combined but the biggest aspect is love. God loves you and we love you. We only wish to serve you your greatest good. But just as messages from above get misinterpreted by the human hand & mind, muchContinue reading “A Different Perspective”

See the "Good" in the "Bad"

Keep up the good work. You are a very passionate person and you’re good at what you do. Be a little patient this might take some time. God is good and great. Relief is just around the corner. You did a good job this time around and passed the test. Congratulations. It is always okayContinue reading “See the "Good" in the "Bad"”

Intuition and Self-Empowerment

In order to separate your intuition from your desires you have to be persistent. You have to be able to recognize when your desires are taking over your brain. You have to know when your mind is making a conscious thought. You need to control your thoughts. It will take time and practice and patience,Continue reading “Intuition and Self-Empowerment”


You are not crazy. You don’t need anything to prove that what you think and feel is right. Stop analyzing everything and seeking validation for what you believe. Everything will work itself out. Just keep doing what you have been doing and when the time is right, the answer will come to you. Just don’tContinue reading “Confidence”

Gratitude & Surrender

Surrender to God, surrender to love. You have traveled a very long way and realized that this very process all started a long time ago. It wasn’t until you finally learned your lesson that your life started to pave a new and easier path. The years of anxiety and “bad luck” or your “dark cloud”Continue reading “Gratitude & Surrender”

A Little Encouragement

Hang tight there. You will be just fine I promise. You have come such a long way. Believe it and be proud of yourself. You’ve worked so hard this far and I promise just as I always do that you will be rewarded for your efforts. Check out my blog’s¬†Facebook page¬†and¬†Pursue You Coaching¬†Facebook page forContinue reading “A Little Encouragement”

Rock Bottom

I have had the wonderful opportunity to have the knowledge and recognition that everything happens according to plan. ¬†Things in life are either lessons or blessings or just events that lead us to fulfilling our life’s purpose. ¬†I had my “dark night of the soul” while in college. ¬†I will spare the details, but forContinue reading “Rock Bottom”