Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Do you feel that love burning inside of you?  It is always there and it will always be there.  The love never goes away.  You have the love within yourself.  Forever and always.  It is always the love that you give to yourself in which you feel.  You do not feel others’ love for you.Continue reading “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…”

November 20, 2015

Speak what is in your heart dear child.  Do not let anyone or anything hold you back from your truth and your heart.  Your path is not easy and I understand that.  Do not give up, never give up.  You will get your relief I promise, and all that you go throuh today will makeContinue reading “November 20, 2015”

How about a mind boggle?

How can you describe a love that makes you feel like you’re losing yourself, but that loss being just an illusion to the truth.  That truth being that the loss of yourself is truly a gain of yourself, your true self.  It’s so paradoxal.  And it rings true with the polarity of this universe.  What’sContinue reading “How about a mind boggle?”