Do You Have an Addiction To Answers?

I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately on crop circles. Many people would dismiss them as man made. And up until kind of recently, I was more neutral on the subject. I didn’t think that they were man made but I wasn’t dismissing it. I also did not think they were paranormal but IContinue reading “Do You Have an Addiction To Answers?”

Does the Future Really Exist?

I started watching a documentary tonight and the phrase “the future is now” popped up. And I started to think about it. In my opinion, the majority of the time that this quote is used is around current technologies and new discoveries. But I saw a deeper meaning there this time. A meaning that IContinue reading “Does the Future Really Exist?”

How Often Do You Give Your Own Power Away to Others?

Welcome to the par-tay! You would think that, with the addiction humanity has with control, each individual would first place blame on the self before blaming someone else. But this is not the case. Why, in a world where we try and control outcomes in our lives would we constantly place our focus on outsideContinue reading “How Often Do You Give Your Own Power Away to Others?”

How Much do You Try to Control?

Spirituality is about, in part, allowing the ebbs and flows of your journey in life to pass through you with ease, joy, and beauty and being your own guide through this path you call life. Allowing the natural order of the universe to propel you in the right direction whether it be an event seeminglyContinue reading “How Much do You Try to Control?”