How to Stop Self-Sabotaging

Make sure you check out the video below too!! If you had everything that you ever wanted in life…would you be able to accept it?  Or would you find a way to somehow get into a thought process, a pattern, that would lead you to self sabotage? Quite often, we tend to tell ourselves thatContinue reading “How to Stop Self-Sabotaging”

How to Cope With the Unknown: 3 Ways to Cope

I really don’t like those “3 things that….” type of posts, and even though this isn’t close to those posts that tell you something like “If he does these 10 things he loves you” – I still feel a bit mehh about making this post.  But, the current global events got me inspired. A lotContinue reading “How to Cope With the Unknown: 3 Ways to Cope”

How to Align Your Head & Heart

In my last post I mentioned having your ego and your spirit be in alignment (  Being in alignment with yourself.  In order for you to truly love yourself, your ego and your spirit need to be in alignment.  In my opinion, the spiritual community focuses a lot on just moving from your head {ego}Continue reading “How to Align Your Head & Heart”

The Spiritual Ego

Make sure to check out the video below for more! I wanted to write about this for a while now.  The good ole spiritual ego.  The spiritual ego is anything that would be considered spiritual that is not based in spiritual fact, the bare bones of it, free from any mind concepts, or at leastContinue reading “The Spiritual Ego”

Vulnerability: What Does it Mean to be Vulnerable?

If you want to know whether or not you are willing to be a vulnerable person, the only thing that you need to ask yourself is this:  Who knows the real you?  The true you.  Do you even know the real you? Being truly vulnerable requires one to know oneself, one’s true self [see myContinue reading “Vulnerability: What Does it Mean to be Vulnerable?”

Confessions of a People Pleaser: How to Identify & Heal People Pleasing Behaviors

Make sure you also check out the video below too! I don’t think I ever considered myself to be a “people pleaser” until I started to take a look into myself.  I had always just considered myself to be extremely self-less and just a nice person.  I did not realize what my people pleasing stemmedContinue reading “Confessions of a People Pleaser: How to Identify & Heal People Pleasing Behaviors”