Life, Relationship, and SpiritYOUal Coach. I also coach soul connections (Twin Flame, Soulmates etc.)

I have always known that one of my purposes in life would be to help people see that in this universe, there is more to it than what meets the eye. That there is a natural order to our existence and it lives outside of the mind and logic. That the world is much more than black and white. This was something that I did not struggle with much until later on in life and was, for the most part, confident in my beliefs. Especially when it came to connections with others. This all changed when I connected with someone that would help me bring me closer to myself than I ever could have imagined. I started to question my long held beliefs and I did not understand why. At the same time, (after already having gone through a series of unfortunate events prior to making this connection) the connection propelled me into my self-reflection, self-work, and awakening. I went from misery to peace. I went from living a life in the past and in the future, a life of self-rejection, self-sabotage, and anxiety to living in the present moment and self-acceptance.  If I can do it so can you! Learn more about me and how I can help by checking out the Blog section!

How I am Different Than Other Coaches

Many other coaches out there don’t understand their own selves, let alone other people. If they don’t understand what makes them tick, how would they be able to help you find out what makes you tick and help? Many coaches use “feel good” techniques that make you feel good one moment, such as a weekend at a seminar, but once you go home, any of the progress that you thought you made, vanishes, or, the techniques they give you leave you emotionally unsatisfied and something just “feels off” about it. Most coaches don’t dig deep into your issues, find the roots of them and bring those roots to the surface so that they can be put into healing. Many coaches don’t “practice what they preach.” I have spent years on my own self discovery and healing, and I continue to do so every day. My purpose in coaching is not to slap a band-aid on and call it a day, I want you to have the same long-lasting results I received by the coaching that I got for myself. There is no one way, no one technique that works for everyone. Everybody is different. This is why I offer a free initial 30 minute coaching session so that you can decide if I am the right coach for you. Not everyone will resonate with me, and that is fine.

A lot of coaches employ empty “too good to be true” promises to entice you in as a consumer and are sneaky advertisers. After all, everyone is always after a “quick fix” right? The problem with these “quick fixes” is that they almost never deliver. Change does not happen over night and change takes a lot of work! The client might experience minimal to moderate results, and then the coach dangles another “too good to be true” promise in hopes that you will continue on and pay them more money. You’ve seen the ads, the YouTube videos, the ones where the title says “Say These 3 Things to Grab a Man’s Attention.” as if there was a formula to navigating human interactions. The video starts, it goes on for a few minutes and you’re already half way through the video without hearing the “3 things” from the attention-grabbing title. Soon enough you’re at the end of the video, still having not received what you clicked the video for, but what you do get is them telling you to buy “this” or “that” in order to receive the information that you seek. You do not have to and you should not have to spend your entire life savings on coaching! Be weary of “coaches” like these.

My goal as a coach is not to keep you on my schedule as a client. Success is not measured by retaining a client for their entire life, success is measured by a client receiving results and when a client is getting results, they tend to not receive coaching either at all or on a less frequent basis. My goal is not to give you a “quick fix” and I do not entice clients by saying that I guarantee results.

Although I do believe that it is important to push ourselves, challenge, and question ourselves in coaching, I also do not believe in aggressively encouraging or forcing a client to do something that they are not ready for.

Most coaches also forget about nature, connection. The certain order that appears to come out of what looks like chaos on the surface. The natural connections that we have with other people. I have a deep understanding of soul connections and I have the capacity to work within those belief systems if you find yourself in such type of connection.

I consider myself more of a guide than a teacher. I want to show you where to look rather than what to see. Change first happens within, do not expect coaching or anything else external to “do the work” for you.

Find me on YouTube @pursueyou_spiritualbadass


All sessions are held with upmost confidentiality and non-judgment. Coaching sessions are conducted through Zoom or any other kind of video/audio chat service and are 50 minutes long.

​Sessions are conducted by you!  You are our guide as to what you want to discuss and what you want to work on.  They are not structured in any kind of specific way. 

​Session packages can be used as weekly sessions or used whenever you please!  If you purchase a one month, four session package, you do not have to use them in a month, they may be used as one session per month for four months or any other way you wish to use them!

Sessions are available for couples and singles!

Root Camp

Root Camp is a program I am certified to coach through Relationship Reinvented. It is different than regular coaching sessions as each session is structured in order to dig deep inside of you and push to the surface the roots of your issues and your truth so that you can connect with them and fix them. At the end of each session, you will receive a homework assignment to complete, which will be the guide for the next session. This program is designed to go DEEP! Root Camp is an 8 session program and is also available for couples and singles. It is set up to be an 8 consecutive week program.

Root Camp breaks the patterns of what you see as your own truth and what you say is the truth while teaching you how you are not communicating much truth at all with yourself, let alone with others.

It will change the way you act, react, and function in confrontations in personal and professional interactions. When relationships and interactions with others don’t work and anger, resentment, control, or other toxic emotions have set in, there is a way to find freedom. It is up to you to make the decision for a positive change. Move on from the hurts and hang-ups of the past; heal from anger, bitterness, and blame.

Root Camp will show you how to identify your truth, stand in it, and share this truth with another, in a non-attacking, non-abusive, non-reactive, detached heart-centered manner. If you participate as part of a couple, you will see one another in a raw state, as a clean slate, diving deep inside and addressing past hurts, fears, infidelities, and lies. I will help you identify both self and partner or other-focused destructive behavioral patterns.

Root Camp gives you life-changing tools to change your relationship with yourself, which will reflect outwards in all your other relationships.

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