How to Communicate Effectively

Related: How to Listen Effectively A lot of arguments stem from ineffective communication.  Have you ever heard an argument being started because someone made an innocent comment to another, but the other person translated that comment in their own mind to be something that it did not mean?  For example, if a husband and wifeContinue reading “How to Communicate Effectively”

True Self-Love

Many people say that in order to love another, you must love yourself first.  But a lot of people don’t fully know what that means.  Ask yourself, what do you do to show yourself love?  People would answer with things like, “I make sure that I take time to relax, go get my nails done,Continue reading “True Self-Love”

What is Dynamic in Connection?

What does the word dynamic mean to you as it relates to connection?  Your connection to other people?  Most people would define it with definitions that connect one person’s actions causing another persons actions.  This is not the case.  Dynamic in connection is the/a state of being that co-exists and interacts with another state ofContinue reading “What is Dynamic in Connection?”