The Truth About the Law of Attraction That Nobody Else Will Tell You

The Law of Attraction (“LOA”) doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t participate in ego. It gives you what you give, it brings you what you are to yourself. The LOA doesn’t give you what you like or what you want in an egoic type of fashion. It works beyond ego and with the subconscious/unconscious as well as our conscious. Contrary to what some people say; it’s not the other person in an interaction or situation that needs healing, it is BOTH people that need healing (we all have our past traumas that effect us in relationships no matter the severity). Sure. One person may be “sweet”, but what is that judgment anyways but a judgment and a label that comes from ego, which is outside the realm of the LOA. If the labeled “sweet” person is showing the universe that they are willing to accept someone in their life that treats them “poorly”, the universe will give it to them. This isn’t to necessarily say that we need to exile those types of people from our lives without word, however, we must take the action that it in alignment with how we want to be treated, which may mean more-so than exiling, telling the other person how you feel. Like attracts like and is the reason why we typically see people that experience the same type of relationship patterns over and over again (

Someone with abandonment issues will attract someone with abandonment issues. The difference is usually in HOW those issues are projected outwards into the real world. One persons way of handling it may be to cling onto a relationship in an unhealthy way, causing unhealthy codependent relationships. While the other person may RUN from their relationships in order to avoid even the slightest bit of chance that the other person will leave. Both self sabotaging for the same root issue, just in different ways. The universe and the LOA don’t “see” things in our perspective and many people misinterpret what the LOA actually is (

This isn’t the first time I have written about this subject. If you’d like to read more on the Law of Attraction, check out my other post here!

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