The Difference Between Self-Blame and Self-Accountability

I have been thinking about this recently.  How can one take accountability for one’s own self, but at the same time avoid negative self-talk and putting self down?  I asked myself what the difference was, where is the “cutoff” – when does taking account for yourself turn into negative self-talk and putting yourself down? WhatContinue reading “The Difference Between Self-Blame and Self-Accountability”

Compare & Contrast: Why you shouldn’t compare your life to others’

In one of my recent posts, I spoke about perspective (  And in creating our perspectives, often times we compare our situation with someone else’s. When we compare our current situation to that of someone else, we do a disservice to ourselves in the experience that we are experiencing and comparing.  We aren’t living inContinue reading “Compare & Contrast: Why you shouldn’t compare your life to others’”

My Perspective on Perspectives

Life is an illusion, but it’s also not.  The nature of duality makes it so.  You see the world through your current perspective.  You are the universe experiencing itself.  As other people see it through theirs.  This is why sometimes when we think of our past, we “want to go back” even if, in thoseContinue reading “My Perspective on Perspectives”

Light & Dark

Light cannot exist without dark. Dark cannot exist without light. The universe created darkness so that we could see the light. When you experience something bad, something dark, the universe is trying to show you light!  Next time something happens that seems like it’s bad, see what kind of light comes from it! The universeContinue reading “Light & Dark”

I Can’t…I Don’t Know – Why these phrases are stopping you from being your best self

This has been a common theme lately I have noticed. What does the phrase “I can’t” give to you if you want to do something but tell yourself, “I can’t” or even “I don’t know how?” Obviously we have certain 3D physical limitations on what we can do and what we cannot do, however, manyContinue reading “I Can’t…I Don’t Know – Why these phrases are stopping you from being your best self”