What is Jealousy [truly] & How it Affects Relationships

I have seen a sort-of trend in today’s dating world.  Maybe it’s just in my area, but I believe that it is more wide-spread.  There’s this notion out there that if someone is checking up on you 24/7, not letting you see your friends and/or family, being possessive, and being outright jealous, is some kindContinue reading “What is Jealousy [truly] & How it Affects Relationships”

How to Listen Effectively

One of my latest posts was about effective communication https://pursueyou.org/2019/11/15/effective-communication/.  But communicating effectively is a two way street.  That means communicating effectively and listening effectively.  Sometimes you can tell exactly what someone is really trying to say by listening effectively enough.  Listening effectively can also pertain to someone’s actions. This might sound contradictory to some,Continue reading “How to Listen Effectively”