How about a mind boggle?

How can you describe a love that makes you feel like you’re losing yourself, but that loss being just an illusion to the truth.  That truth being that the loss of yourself is truly a gain of yourself, your true self.  It’s so paradoxal.  And it rings true with the polarity of this universe.  What’s good is also bad and what is bad is also good, the perception of which is that which changes it.  Somewhere along this past year I lost myself, but yet I am so much more familiar with myself than ever, my true self.  The truest I can be in this human form.  I searched for answers, I’ve searched for the truth….hurting myself in the process of my search for that truth.  What is truth anyway?  What is true for you may not be true for me and what is universally true may not be the case….it may be just a collective perception.  How we see definitive truths may just be an outcome of our perceptions as a collective over many many years.  We haven’t the slightest clue of all that is out there and all that will ever be out there, for it is forever changing and forever evolving.  What I have done this year is applied more of the things that I have learned throughout the past 7 years or so.  There were some things that I was polarized about, wondering which way was the truth.  But the truth in that truth was that both ways to perceive it are true.  Truth is never definite.  You can’t put the truth in a box and say “this is the truth.”  The truth is whatever you choose it to be.  You have the power to choose what your truth is.  Do not have conflicting thoughts and do not base your views on anything.  Don’t use the past to validate any thoughts on the polaritive scale.  

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