Focus on the Positive

Good job keep up the good work. You are doing excellent. Stay patient and positive. Believe and trust. I know that it’s hard sometimes and lately your “head” is really starting to get you, but just relax and trust. Think about all the reasons you should trust us, not reasons not to. Sometimes one bad incident can really get into our heads. But what happens to the majority of incidents? It’s like those don’t even matter. Focus on the majority. Now I know you’re struggling too because of your past experiences. You have a more positive outlook now so why would anything negative happen now? Plus you already know that it all happened for a reason. It all happened so that this could manifest, it really all does boil down to this and what’s going on now. As far as trusting in us, think about all the reasons that you should. Look at the majority but don’t read too much into it. Be okay with the unknown right now. You’re right where you need to be. Trust and let go. There’s a reason for everything and when you look back on it you will understand the reasoning behind it. ALWAYS keep that in mind.

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