You Are Not Crazy

I want to speak with you. You have gone through a rough patch recently – and all of that is absolutely okay. You are not crazy my dear. You are perfectly fine and what you are feeling and experiencing is REAL. Don’t forget that. Let it all go. You have the power to have anything that you want in this world and you will receive exactly what you want and what you need at exactly the right time. Do not rush yourself or rush anyone else in their own self-improvement. You only have control over yourself and your own feelings. When things seem out of control look deep within yourself. The only thing that you can control is yourself, your emotions, and how you react to specific situations. You have done a great job at improving yourself with all of this but you need to remember that you are always in control of yourself. You can’t control anything that happens on the outside but you can control how things are on the inside. Use your power. Use your strength. Make yourself as happy and content in any given situation that you can. I know that sometimes it is hard, but you need to just let go. You already have, but if you are still feeling the emotions as you did last night, you have not truly and fully gotten a grip of it all, it is completely okay for now. Roll with the tide. It won’t happen overnight but you should know by now that one day, you will get to that point where you will fully get a grasp on it – and it won’t bother you at all any more. But you have to keep working on it until that point. Be happy. You don’t realize that there’s a bigger picture here to see. It is okay that you were wrong, as of now. You got caught up in a time frame and it’s perfectly normal to do so. This allowed for you to release that time restriction and it feels better doesn’t it? It feels better not having to think about when what and where. You are at the point where you have nowhere else to go but inside of yourself to trust that everything will plan out the way that it is supposed to. I know that it is incredibly difficult, but we will give you the tools necessary in order to complete this test. Don’t give up, you’re doing good. You are not crazy at all my dear, your feelings are real and your experiences are real. That’s all the validation that you need right now. Keep going.

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