Gratitude & Surrender

Surrender to God, surrender to love. You have traveled a very long way and realized that this very process all started a long time ago. It wasn’t until you finally learned your lesson that your life started to pave a new and easier path. The years of anxiety and “bad luck” or your “dark cloud” as you called it, were all on purpose. It was to teach you gratitude for what you do have. The lesson was about learning to truly be grateful for what you have. You don’t truly learn that lesson until you experience loss. The loss of people in your life, the loss of jobs, etc. You have learned that lesson and now are opened up to greater things. You have released yourself from that pattern. Everything happens according to plan – don’t you see that now? Everything happens according to plan. Learn this new lesson. It is a lesson that will need to be fully learned, or the cycle of events to teach this to you will continue. Everything {your lessons} are all being thrown at you in a rapid rate now, and you have done a splendid job at learning these new lessons along with learning about yourself and improving yourself. Keep up the good work. You are on the right path and always have been. Trust and let go. You will do just fine. Every day is a new opportunity and keep your focus on yourself. All is well.

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