The Truth About the Twin Flame “Runner” and Twin Flame “Chaser” Labels

Why is my twin flame running? Will my twin flame runner ever come back? Does the twin flame runner still love the twin flame chaser? What is the twin flame runner thinking? If I’m a twin flame chaser should i wait for my twin flame runner to come back? I’m the twin flame chaser and they are the twin flame runner. I did nothing wrong and they’re the ones that are not awake and they need to wake up. How do I get my twin flame runner to wake up? How do I get my twin flame runner back?

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Just a quick example of some questions and statements that I see all the time about the twin flame runner and twin flame chaser labels. First and foremost, and as always as I have stated before (, these labels are just labels. Now, I do understand that some people use these labels as a means for communication, as a short way to describe “who did what” in a specific situation as just as an easier and quicker way to communicate. However, these labels also get imprinted into the minds of those who decide to place the twin flame label on their connection and they become defined and identified within the twin flame runner or twin flame chaser labels.

The “common understanding” of these labels is that the twin flame runner is the one who runs away from a relationship, and the twin flame chaser is the one who “stays” or chases the other person that’s running away. But the truth about what each person is ACTUALLY doing is much much deeper.

Now, of course the following information is only going to be accurate if two people are actually experiencing this type of dynamic. As I have noted before, the label comes with baggage and the more mainstream the label comes, the more the original definition of the label “changes”, and the more people end up identifying themselves with the label. As a result of this, you get people that end up creating additional labels and other excuses for the reason why they did not end up with the person that they placed the twin flame label onto. Labels such as false twin flame and the “theory” of having more than one twin flame, or even “soul jumping”. It’s called twin flame, not triplet flame for a reason people! Here’s the 411 folks, we can feel connected to a ton of people in our lives, and when people haven’t experienced an intense strong soul connection before, it’s easy to understand why people would feel the pull to place the twin flame label onto that experience especially if the other person is not physically showing signs of their interest of being with that person, or if one person did run from the relationship eventually. Release your attachment to the label itself. Calling something a twin flame connection is not going to change the essence of that connection and the purpose that it serves in your life. Just like you can’t turn a tomato into a potato by calling a tomato a potato!

But if you must disregard my advice to forget about the label, even if the connection you are experiencing truly is a twin flame connection, do not get stuck in the dichotomy of the “twin flame runner” and “twin flame chaser” labels. The truth about these labels is that BOTH people are running and chasing at the same time. BOTH people are running from themselves (i.e. disconnecting from themselves) by chasing something that is external to or outside of themselves. What people would describe as the “runner” is running from themselves (and their feelings for the other person if the two are truly meant to be together) by chasing external things like maybe drugs, or multiple miscellaneous and meaningless sexual relationships with other people, or work, or anything that distracts them from themselves and their feelings; anything that creates a disconnect from self. The twin flame “chaser” on the other hand, is running from themselves by chasing the other person, whether it be physically and actively (by texting them all the time after being told by the other person they want to be left alone) or just within their own minds; the other person is what creates the disconnection from self in the twin flame chaser.

So you see, both people are more similar than not. Both people run and chase, just in different ways. Both people are running from themselves to disconnect from self while chasing something that is outside of themselves as a distraction. Going into circles trying to ask yourselves the questions that I noted above only further distract you from going inside of yourself and doing the work. The mind doesn’t know connection. The mind doesn’t feel connection. There is no formula to connection, it’s not a “if I don’t do this or that I’ll mess this up” – connection just is connection! You cannot mess up that which is meant for you. So stop trying to “wake them up” and worry about continuing your own growth and waking yourself up! You cannot force anyone else to wake up, you cannot force anyone else other than yourself to change. It is not your duty to wake them up. You need to awaken and grow within yourself and change your own actions accordingly, and if someone is meant to awaken; the seed will be planted. Maybe it will be something you say one day, how you respond to something; either way, just learn your truth, know your truth, grow with that truth, and live your truth. The people who are meant to awaken as a domino effect of you yourself being awakened will happen as a result of the changes within you. Not from you telling someone else about a label or other spiritual concept in attempt to force understanding and change within someone else.

Don’t get stuck and lost within the labels, whether it’s the twin flame label itself or the twin flame chaser label and twin flame runner label. All will always be what it should be in each moment for your greatest good, whether or not you think it is or not.

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