Rock Bottom

I have had the wonderful opportunity to have the knowledge and recognition that everything happens according to plan.  Things in life are either lessons or blessings or just events that lead us to fulfilling our life’s purpose.  I had my “dark night of the soul” while in college.  I will spare the details, but for those few years I felt like I had a black cloud hanging over my head – a string of bad luck.  It was one hit after another and I felt like I would never see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Once we have hit rock bottom (and believe me, you will think that you have, but you haven’t – only God knows when you have and when the time is right) the only way to go is up.  Rock bottom is different for each individual and the thing(s)/event(s) that cause rock bottom are different for each individual.  The only important thing is that no matter how severe they seem to others, it’s having an affect on the person experiencing it.  You won’t consciously know and recognize exactly when you hit bottom until you move past it and reflect back on it.  Rock bottom is the point when you have no other choice but to accept, have faith, and start thinking more positively and learn whatever lesson you needed to learn.  It’s a gradual process and you will have things that happen that will lead you to you’re positive thinking/acceptance that will help you, when the time is right.  Our free will lets us choose, but the lesson is always the same.  Patterns will repeat until the lesson is learned.  Nothing is a coincidence.  Once you are able to figure out why some things happen in life, you’ll be able to recognize them more and more (not until you reflect back on them though) and life will be more enjoyable.  More often than not, it is always for something bigger, better, or for a greater purpose.  As long as we do what feels right in our hearts, we will be on the right path – one that was specifically designed for us as individuals.  Advice is a good thing – listen and hear advice but only follow what feels right to you – what resonates with you and you will never do any wrong.  We may get hurt and it may seems like we made a mistake but it also may be a blessing, but getting hurt and making mistakes allows us to learn a lesson from them.  Lessons are blessings in disguise.  Stay true to yourself, be grateful for what you have, and trust that God knows what you want in life (you may think you know, but you don’t) and he will give it to you as long as you follow the path that he gave you by following your heart/gut/intuition.  That’s all that it takes to serve him.  You may not even realize that you’re doing it.  People who don’t even believe in a higher power, are doing it.  Everyone has a purpose.  Live your truth and live your purpose.  We are only a tiny part of a big picture.  A picture that serves humanity as a whole.

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