My Perspective on Perspectives

Life is an illusion, but it’s also not.  The nature of duality makes it so.  You see the world through your current perspective.  You are the universe experiencing itself.  As other people see it through theirs.  This is why sometimes when we think of our past, we “want to go back” even if, in those moments, they were difficult for us.  I know that sometimes I think about going back to a certain period of time, in my current perspective I tend to see a lot of the good parts, and life seemed like it was better back then versus now.  However, when I think back on that time period and my perspective at the time, it was anything but good!

We need to keep perspective in mind when we communicate with other people.  Most arguments and miscommunications deal with different perspectives.  The language that we use to describe something that is a bit more difficult to describe.  Sure, we know that “cows go moo” but there are other, more difficult things in life that we try to explain to others, mostly experiences and emotions.  For example, if someone says they are hearing angels talking to them…is this audio in the same as hearing a song?  What do they mean by this?  Do they mean that they received signs from what they describe as angels and this is the type of communication they are referring to?  Is this talk coming from what others would describe as “higher self”?

Our perspective is a perspective of each moment.  I am perceiving a moment in the past in a certain way that I am perceiving it in this moment, not in the moment that I was experiencing it.  What was my perception of that moment when I was in that moment?  But, if that perception is an illusion, what is reality and what is a false reality?  We set our standard for reality based on ego and our senses.  But the truth about reality is that there is no reality other than the reality that is experienced.  This in itself is not reality.  The phrase, “life is but a dream” couldn’t be more accurate.

Perspectives can stem from comparison.  As in, if one is going through what they perceive as a more difficult experience in the present moment than they did in the past, they might perceive that past moment as being “better” – however, the person was miserable in that moment too.  We can only describe things through our own perspective at the time we are experiencing the perspective, and, if the perspective is in the present moment, the perspective is present also.  The perspective only exists within us and we are the perspective.

We don’t need someone else’s perspective of themselves or anything outside of them for our own perspective.  This is when comparisons come into play.  We say that “someone else has it worse” but we don’t need our perspective on something that someone else is going through in order to change our own perspective of our own experiences.  For example, our perspective in the western world is that of a “good sophisticated life” in comparison to say, some communities of primitive tribes in other areas of the world that still live off the land.  I would place a bet that most people would define their own life as “better” than one like that, but they don’t see it that way, and it may not even be because they have never experienced life as we do.  We covet materialistic things, other cultures do not.  It’s just a different perspective.  Just because your reality says, “they are worse off than us” doesn’t mean that they truly are worse off.  Who defines being “worse”?  We can only define it within ourselves.  Not for other people.  Who’s ‘reality’ is real?  Isn’t each person’s reality just as real to them as your reality is to you?  We each create our own realities, nobody is “right” nobody is “wrong” – everything just simply “is” until our minds/perspective/ego comes into play.

I want to not that I am not talking in the extreme sense, yes these things are true, however, this does not mean that we can make an orange pop out of nowhere in our hands out of nothing.   We are humans and we still have ego, but we can gain the understanding of the bigger picture here.  The truth about reality is that there is no reality.  We create our realities within ourselves and our perspective of the outside world and our own inner worlds. 

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Check out my blog’s Facebook page and Pursue You Coaching Facebook page for more information and join my Facebook Group or contact me at for a FREE 30 minute session. You can also check out my website:

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