Note to Self

I want you to know that I love you.  You are such a great person and you have a lot of qualities that are admired by others.  You have come such a long way from where you started and I know that you can tell the difference.  Please do not think that this progress is just because time has passed.  Does time really exist?  No.  So don’t think that you have changed just because time has passed.  This is not true.  If you had not done any of the things that you have done and still do, what would your state of mind be in right now?  How would you be handling situations that you are finding yourself in?  Time does not cause progress.  You made that progress through time.  You would still be stuck where you were over a year ago, caught up in a pattern of over-thinking and over-analyzing, and continuing to make yourself miserable.  Remember how hard it was to stop doing that back then?  Do you notice how easy it is for you to just let go now?  You have made much progress my dear, YOU.  Oh yeah, and there’s also that other thing, you know, how each person individually is responsible for themselves?  Yeah, that too!  You are responsible, not good ole grandfather time!  Just be your beautiful true whole self.  Let YOU shine.  Let your love out.  Don’t hold back your love.  You have so much potential that has yet to be unleashed.  But how do I know that I’m being my self to the fullest – at my full potential?  How can I change the other things that I need to change in order to make that happen?  You already are making it happen dear.  You already are, and you always have been.

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