Accept Your Feelings

You will be okay I promise, you will get through this just as you have gotten through all the rough times you have gone through before. You can’t change how you feel – just accept your feelings. But you cannot let your feelings affect you and your life that you live. Don’t worry about what happened in the past – it is gone now. Worry about what you are doing right now. Be present in each moment. Be at peace. You don’t have to be all smiles and giggles all the time but you need to make peace with each moment. It’s about having peace. Be okay with your emotions and your thought process, but don’t let it go overboard. If it starts to have an affect on you then you need to cut it off. Remember that you are not your story. You are not your past or your future, you are what you are at this very exact moment and whatever that may be, is totally okay.

Remember that this is your journey, nobody else’s. 

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