The Spiritual Ego

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I wanted to write about this for a while now.  The good ole spiritual ego.  The spiritual ego is anything that would be considered spiritual that is not based in spiritual fact, the bare bones of it, free from any mind concepts, or at least as free from them as possible. 

When it comes to spiritual matters, things are less rigid.  Anything goes.  The less you know, the more you know, or is that even so?  I do want to say that I do believe that everything and everyone has its place and serves its purpose though.

Being spiritual, in my definition, means to be without, or at least be on a path to be without or understand, ego.  We are souls having a human experience.  SPIRIT being part of the word SPIRITual.  Spirit is without ego, souls are egoless.  Anything and everything that comes from the mind is ego, but this is what separates our souls from our humanity.  Our ego is part of what makes us humans.  I don’t believe that anyone could ever be truly without ego, because for that to happen, one would have to die and be 100% spirit.

The spiritual ego happens in two different ways:  the “innocent” spiritual ego, and a more toxic spiritual ego [let me insert a vegan joke here].

Innocent spiritual ego would ask things like, “is this my soulmate?” “Is this my kundalini?” “Have I reached enlightenment?” Spirit does not need labels, especially when it pertains to spiritual matters.  It doesn’t need anything that comes from the mind.  Innocent spiritual ego tries to make sense with the mind things that can only be…be!  See my post on connection to labels:  Innocent ego doesn’t project, judge, or have a “God complex.”  Innocent spiritual ego is this post!  The innocent ego is without an “I am better than” attitude.  Innocent spiritual ego is wondering what ways you can balance your chakras.

This is the one I really wanted to talk about, the toxic spiritual ego.  This is the ego that says “You need to do this” “You need to be that” “I am better than you because…” “This person is wrong [about a spiritual matter] because…” “How could you charge money for a spiritual service [angry face]!?” “I am right and they/you are wrong [about a spiritual matter].”  Toxic spiritual ego is where the “God complex” comes into play.  Sometimes an innocent spiritual ego can sound like toxic spiritual ego, what I am attempting to illustrate and what I want to emphasize in regards to toxic spiritual ego is the “God complex” part of it.  These are people who shame and judge others based on spiritual matters.  Think along the lines of a cult.

We all have to experience spiritual matters through our minds, however, we do not have to try and understand them.  If it is weighing heavily on your mind whether or not something you are experiencing is your kundalini, for example, bring your focus back to the experience itself rather than the label of the experience and what it all means.  Let the experience be pure experience.  When you let the experience be experience, you will give room for whatever is meant to come from it come forth.  Flow with the essence and the experience itself, and what you are meant to obtain from the experience and who you are to become from the experience, will happen regardless if you try to understand or label it or not.

When it comes to matters of spirit, you are your best guide, nobody can tell you what is best for you.  You are your best instructor on your spiritual journey.  As a side note, since I am a coach, when it comes to picking out a spiritual coach pick one that is going to help guide you, not teach you.  They are there to help you guide yourself.  Beware of any “coach” that appears to have a toxic spiritual ego.  When I picked out my coaches, I chose coaches that did not go by the word “teacher” or “guru” etc.

Your spirituality is yours.  Your spiritual journey is yours.  Don’t let someone else’s spiritual ego get in the way of your own journey.

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