Beauty in Everything

This is a beautiful world, don’t you see? If you look at the things that surround you, whether it be nature or a building do you not see the beauty in it all? When you feel like nothing, when you feel like your stuck in the mud, just look at your surroundings. What is the first thing that you see? Nature is a great example of how perfect we truly are and it’s a reminder that there is nothing to be worried about. When you look at a tree, or a plant, even animals – you can truly see the natural beauty and naturalness of life. Think about the food chain for a second. See how perfectly orchestrated it is. The cycle sifts through with no purposeful interference for any other reason than for nourishment. When you see yourself, do you see yourself as a miracle? If not, you should. It’s not a given right to have a life. It’s a miracle that you are here. Life has a natural order to it. If you can see in any ordinary object, it’s beauty – then you are able to be grateful for it. You recognize its significance. We tend to take everything for granted. We think that this or that is a “right.” It’s not. Anything that we have can be taken away in an instant. Start noticing the beauty in all that you have and in all the situations that you may be in. Life gets a whole lot easier when you can be grateful and see beauty in the smaller things in life.

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