New Possibilities

Don’t get discouraged. Think about everything that you have learned. Don’t let your ego destroy you. Remember that just because something happened before, doesn’t mean it’s bound to happen again. Open the door to the new possibilities. It’s hard to believe sometimes because it has yet to happen to us. The worst possible outcome is always easiest to believe, especially in your situation. You deserve the greatest kind of love. Just remember that history doesn’t always repeat itself and “good” things can and will happen to you. Remember that the opportunities are endless and you are the #1 pick right now. Keep thinking positive and try not to let ego gain back control. This is an important stage. You can either take what you have learned and try to apply it – which isn’t going to be easy – or you can take the easy way out and give up control. The choice is yours – you can either do it the easy way or the hard way but remember that what’s good isn’t always good and what’s bad isn’t always bad. You’ll learn and achieve what you are meant to and if you chose “easy” right now, don’t be surprised when it ends up being the more difficult “long road.” You pick.

When faced with an unknown answer to a question that we are seeking an answer for, we often think back to the past and try to conjure up an answer to our problem.  When we use our past to guide our future, we aren’t allowing for new opportunities to come up.  Don’t be afraid of the unknown, don’t worry about what has yet to come yet.  Just relax and enjoy the ride and welcome with open arms any new opportunities that come your way.  Just because something happened before, doesn’t mean that it will happen again or continue to happen.

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