Believe What You Believe

Don’t feel discouraged, keep your head up and have some confidence in yourself. Keep that power strong, don’t let it dwindle. You noticed the opposite situation in all of this and saw that things are not always as they seem and you had a feeling from the very beginning what it really was. Trust your feelings and believe yourself whole-heartedly – just because you believe something doesn’t mean you have to express it to the world or act upon it. Just believe and have confidence in your beliefs and stop over-analyzing it. Once you’ve formed a belief. Believe what you believe and leave it at that – don’t try to prove yourself, you don’t need to. You are beautiful, remember? Inside and outside. You need to remember your worth. It would help a great deal. Remember that all is well with the world and you know that someday, everything will come out and make sense – it just takes some patience on your part. 

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