Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Do you feel that love burning inside of you?  It is always there and it will always be there.  The love never goes away.  You have the love within yourself.  Forever and always.  It is always the love that you give to yourself in which you feel.  You do not feel others’ love for you.  The love comes from within yourself.  If is your own heart that beats and your own heart that you feel.  Remember this, it could be helpful in the near future.  DO not worry about the decisions that you make in each moment, each moment in its chaos is perfect.  Everything always goes according to plan.  You are always on track.  Don’t give up.  I know that it’s hard to decide right now but it is okay.  Remember that everything is perfect.  If you end up hurting someone’s feelings – remember the “hurt” that you felt – you experienced the hurt because you no longer had, for those moments, the distraction from the true hurt.  Keep that in mind.

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Life, Relationship, and Spiritual Coach. I also coach soul connections such as twin flames and soulmates.

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