Control.  How much control do we actually have over our lives?  How much can we actually do physically?  How much can we do in our inner world?  What about fate and destiny?  If we do have control, do we have absolute control?  I think it all ties into one another, like a chain effect.  I think that we don’t have absolute control over all events in our lives, but what we do have (more) control over is how we deal with the different events in our inner world.  As an effect of that, you will attract more of certain things based on how events are handled.  So, I think that most of our power lies more in HOW we handle certain things versus having physical control.  The other aspect of this is the physical control.  Taking certain precautions to prevent an unwanted event, for example.  I don’t think that we have as much control in this regard as we do within our own selves.  
So, we have inner control/emotional control and outward action physical control.  But what about when something happens that is beyond those types of control?  That’s where one would probably mention destiny/fate.  But what is destiny/fate anyway?  I think maybe it’s another form of control that we as humans have no control over.  I think it’s soul control.  
Hmmmm…..just some food for thought.

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