Silence: How to find truth

It was in his silence that I had found the only voice that had ever mattered. My own. It was with this silence that I didn’t have anything else besides me, myself, and I. I realized exactly how I was treating myself. I finally was able to hear myself. And I wasn’t treating myself tooContinue reading “Silence: How to find truth”

The #1 Thing Most Humans Forget About

Nature. You would think that, since we are reminded about it every time we take a look outside, the trees, the sun, the clouds, animals, you name it, that we would remember how we are not separate from nature. We as humans are still restricted by nature. Maybe it’s because of our consciousness, and howContinue reading “The #1 Thing Most Humans Forget About”

Meditation Techniques – Body Scan — Together Mindful

Meditation Techniques – Body Scan One of the most valuable, and yet often overlooked, techniques you can add to your meditation is a body scan. It allows us to ‘look inside’ to get a picture of how the body is feeling, both physically and emotionally. In fact some meditation teachers even describe it as being […]Continue reading “Meditation Techniques – Body Scan — Together Mindful”

Meditation Commentary – Inner Power — ThoughtsnLifeBlog by Bella

Restore your inner power with this meditation. When we are stabilised in ourself as I the Soul, we become so strong. Meditation Commentary – Inner Power — ThoughtsnLifeBlog by Bella

Procrastination & How to Stop Procrastinating

Well I guess it’s pretty ironic and only fitting that for my post about procrastination, I would procrastinate on typing it.  I was thinking about this topic a lot when I created the title for it and sat on it, intending to actually write something for at least a month, if not more. I wasContinue reading “Procrastination & How to Stop Procrastinating”

Patience: What does it mean & how to be more patient

One of the issues facing today’s society is instant gratification. We want, and we want it now. We are more focused on the end result, the destination rather than the journey that it takes to reach it. We cringe when our online orders take more than three days to reach us and when a companyContinue reading “Patience: What does it mean & how to be more patient”

What does it mean to be spiritual?

What does being spiritual mean to you?  What do you think of when you hear the word “spiritual” or “spirituality.”  When some people think of spirituality, they think of religion, or they think of crystals, vegetarianism or veganism, tree hugging, not shaving for females, or hippie types, etc.  But why do we associate things ofContinue reading “What does it mean to be spiritual?”

The Difference Between Self-Blame and Self-Accountability

I have been thinking about this recently.  How can one take accountability for one’s own self, but at the same time avoid negative self-talk and putting self down?  I asked myself what the difference was, where is the “cutoff” – when does taking account for yourself turn into negative self-talk and putting yourself down? WhatContinue reading “The Difference Between Self-Blame and Self-Accountability”

Compare & Contrast: Why you shouldn’t compare your life to others’

In one of my recent posts, I spoke about perspective (  And in creating our perspectives, often times we compare our situation with someone else’s. When we compare our current situation to that of someone else, we do a disservice to ourselves in the experience that we are experiencing and comparing.  We aren’t living inContinue reading “Compare & Contrast: Why you shouldn’t compare your life to others’”

My Perspective on Perspectives

Life is an illusion, but it’s also not.  The nature of duality makes it so.  You see the world through your current perspective.  You are the universe experiencing itself.  As other people see it through theirs.  This is why sometimes when we think of our past, we “want to go back” even if, in thoseContinue reading “My Perspective on Perspectives”

I Can’t…I Don’t Know – Why these phrases are stopping you from being your best self

This has been a common theme lately I have noticed. What does the phrase “I can’t” give to you if you want to do something but tell yourself, “I can’t” or even “I don’t know how?” Obviously we have certain 3D physical limitations on what we can do and what we cannot do, however, manyContinue reading “I Can’t…I Don’t Know – Why these phrases are stopping you from being your best self”

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging

If you had everything that you ever wanted in life…would you be able to accept it?  Or would you find a way to somehow get into a thought process, a pattern, that would lead you to self sabotage? Quite often, we tend to tell ourselves that we want something, but then once we get it,Continue reading “How to Stop Self-Sabotaging”

How to Cope With the Unknown: 3 Ways to Cope

I really don’t like those “3 things that….” type of posts, and even though this isn’t close to those posts that tell you something like “If he does these 10 things he loves you” – I still feel a bit mehh about making this post.  But, the current global events got me inspired. A lotContinue reading “How to Cope With the Unknown: 3 Ways to Cope”

How to Align Your Head & Heart

In my last post I mentioned having your ego and your spirit be in alignment (  Being in alignment with yourself.  In order for you to truly love yourself, your ego and your spirit need to be in alignment.  In my opinion, the spiritual community focuses a lot on just moving from your head {ego}Continue reading “How to Align Your Head & Heart”

The Spiritual Ego

I wanted to write about this for a while now.  The good ole spiritual ego.  The spiritual ego is anything that would be considered spiritual that is not based in spiritual fact, the bare bones of it, free from any mind concepts, or at least as free from them as possible.  When it comes toContinue reading “The Spiritual Ego”

Vulnerability: What Does it Mean to be Vulnerable?

If you want to know whether or not you are willing to be a vulnerable person, the only thing that you need to ask yourself is this:  Who knows the real you?  The true you.  Do you even know the real you? Being truly vulnerable requires one to know oneself, one’s true self [see myContinue reading “Vulnerability: What Does it Mean to be Vulnerable?”

Confessions of a People Pleaser: How to Identify & Heal People Pleasing Behaviors

I don’t think I ever considered myself to be a “people pleaser” until I started to take a look into myself.  I had always just considered myself to be extremely self-less and just a nice person.  I did not realize what my people pleasing stemmed from and why it was not a good thing untilContinue reading “Confessions of a People Pleaser: How to Identify & Heal People Pleasing Behaviors”

What is Jealousy [truly] & How it Affects Relationships

I have seen a sort-of trend in today’s dating world.  Maybe it’s just in my area, but I believe that it is more wide-spread.  There’s this notion out there that if someone is checking up on you 24/7, not letting you see your friends and/or family, being possessive, and being outright jealous, is some kindContinue reading “What is Jealousy [truly] & How it Affects Relationships”

How to Listen Effectively

One of my latest posts was about effective communication  But communicating effectively is a two way street.  That means communicating effectively and listening effectively.  Sometimes you can tell exactly what someone is really trying to say by listening effectively enough.  Listening effectively can also pertain to someone’s actions. This might sound contradictory to some,Continue reading “How to Listen Effectively”

How to Communicate Effectively

Related: How to Listen Effectively A lot of arguments stem from ineffective communication.  Have you ever heard an argument being started because someone made an innocent comment to another, but the other person translated that comment in their own mind to be something that it did not mean?  For example, if a husband and wifeContinue reading “How to Communicate Effectively”

True Self-Love

Many people say that in order to love another, you must love yourself first.  But a lot of people don’t fully know what that means.  Ask yourself, what do you do to show yourself love?  People would answer with things like, “I make sure that I take time to relax, go get my nails done,Continue reading “True Self-Love”

What is Dynamic in Connection?

What does the word dynamic mean to you as it relates to connection?  Your connection to other people?  Most people would define it with definitions that connect one person’s actions causing another persons actions.  This is not the case.  Dynamic in connection is the/a state of being that co-exists and interacts with another state ofContinue reading “What is Dynamic in Connection?”

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

When we “don’t know what to do” often it’s not that we don’t know what to do, we often do know what we want to do, but there is conflict in that “want to do.” What is that conflict? Where does it stem from, what’s the root? And how can you move through that conflictContinue reading “What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do”

How Fear Disguises Itself

Fear is an illusion, especially emotional fear (fear of being emotionally hurt by another person) created by the mind to keep you going in circles, a story you tell yourself to give you a false sense of control so you can constantly self-sabotage and you won’t even know it unless you’re conscious of it. FearContinue reading “How Fear Disguises Itself”

"Woke AF"

Dear Society, being “woke” has nothing to do with being PC. Being “woke” is the complete opposite of trying to control your surroundings. It’s the complete opposite of trying to force your will upon others. It’s not about trying to fix an inner problem or problems with an outside solution. It has very little, ifContinue reading “"Woke AF"”

How to Heal Your Pain

Pain is not something I ever thought I would write about, maybe a little bit at some point, but I never thought that I would have this much to say until my understanding of my own pain finally came full-circle and I was able to not only understand it all, but also articulate it inContinue reading “How to Heal Your Pain”

How to Differentiate Ego v. Intuition

Where do your opinions come from?  About yourself – about the world around you?  How did you come to perceive this world, this universe in the way that you do?  I remember when I was young, I would have these little intuitive “blips” (if you will) little things that my heart, my soul was tellingContinue reading “How to Differentiate Ego v. Intuition”

Y.O.U. Spells YOU!

What you seek can only be found within yourself. You have the power to be as you wish to be, live as you wish to live internally. It is in that place where your universe resides. The universe, YOUR universe only lives inside of YOU.  External circumstances are a reflection of the internal circumstances.  SeekingContinue reading “Y.O.U. Spells YOU!”

Meditation Myths and Tips for Starting Out

There is so much information out there on meditation. This kind of meditation and that kind of meditation.  When it comes to the topic, things can get quite confusing!  I first became interested in it quite a few years ago. I would go on YouTube, find something that suited me for the time being, andContinue reading “Meditation Myths and Tips for Starting Out”

Friendly Update

Hello everyone!  My apologies for not having posted in a while, I was pretty busy and lately I have been taking some time for myself.  BUT I am slowly starting to get back into action.  I will admit, I have been sort of lazy.  I have tons of stuff in the vault just waiting toContinue reading “Friendly Update”

How to Meet Your True Self

I have thought A LOT about this post (no pun intended lol).  In fact, it’s probably been months that I’ve been trying to get my thoughts about this in order in a way to get my thoughts about this “out there.”  I really wanted to do a post about this, but I found myself unableContinue reading “How to Meet Your True Self”

How to Be Fully Present

What does being present mean to you?  How in your life do you stay present? To me, presence has two key components. Presence in mind and presence in body.  You can be one or the other. Or you can be both. Being truly present means to be present and think present. It can be consciousContinue reading “How to Be Fully Present”

What is SpiritYOUality

There’s a reason that there’s a “U” right smack dab in the middle of it. Some may view it in religious or mystical terms, but what does spirituality actually mean?  What does it mean to be spiritual? Although any definition will suffice for each individual, as you will see, spirituality is about self and yourContinue reading “What is SpiritYOUality”

Are You an Enemy to Yourself?

How much of the enemy are you to yourself?  When you think you’re “pointing the gun” outside of you, are you sure you’re not just looking in the mirror pointing it at yourself?   Take a deep look at your inner dialogue. What kinds of things do you say to yourself?  You’re making dinner andContinue reading “Are You an Enemy to Yourself?”

Do You Have an Addiction To Answers?

I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately on crop circles. Many people would dismiss them as man made. And up until kind of recently, I was more neutral on the subject. I didn’t think that they were man made but I wasn’t dismissing it. I also did not think they were paranormal but IContinue reading “Do You Have an Addiction To Answers?”

Does the Future Really Exist?

I started watching a documentary tonight and the phrase “the future is now” popped up. And I started to think about it. In my opinion, the majority of the time that this quote is used is around current technologies and new discoveries. But I saw a deeper meaning there this time. A meaning that IContinue reading “Does the Future Really Exist?”

How Often Do You Give Your Own Power Away to Others?

Welcome to the par-tay! You would think that, with the addiction humanity has with control, each individual would first place blame on the self before blaming someone else. But this is not the case. Why, in a world where we try and control outcomes in our lives would we constantly place our focus on outsideContinue reading “How Often Do You Give Your Own Power Away to Others?”

How Much do You Try to Control?

Spirituality is about, in part, allowing the ebbs and flows of your journey in life to pass through you with ease, joy, and beauty and being your own guide through this path you call life. Allowing the natural order of the universe to propel you in the right direction whether it be an event seeminglyContinue reading “How Much do You Try to Control?”

How to Validate Connection

Have you ever talked to a friend after having a rough experience?  Wanting them to tell you how horrible it was, wanting them to tell you the same things that you are telling you about that experience? Why aren’t your own feelings about that experience enough?  Why do you seek external validation for your experience?Continue reading “How to Validate Connection”

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Think Positive

It’s a common Newer-Agey Self-Helpy subject that says we should always be thinking positive.  That nothing “bad” will happen to us if we just have the right mindset.  Although this is true.  Your perception DOES make your reality and in no way am I discouraging positive thinking, however, positive thinking abandons a part of youContinue reading “Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Think Positive”

The Truth About Labels

Labels are of this world, but what we use them for are things that are not of this world.  Labels, descriptions, any other kind of word that you can use that is similar to the word “label”- they are all one and the same.  We use them in our lives in order to communicate withContinue reading “The Truth About Labels”

A Secret About “The Secret”

The 2006 movie and book “The Secret” spells out the Law of Attraction, giving out instructions as well as examples of success in following the Law of Attraction.  As much as the content of the movie and book are correct, your thoughts do have an influence and we are the creators of our own universes,Continue reading “A Secret About “The Secret””

What is True Strength?

What does it truly mean to be strong? What does strength look like? Some might say that holding your emotions in, not crying when you feel sad and want to cry or holding other things in. Instead of speaking your mind you just “take the hits” that you get and you deal with them asContinue reading “What is True Strength?”

The Difference Between Truth & Honesty

Do you see truth and honesty the same?  Would you come up with the same definitions for each word?  Honestly, the truth is – these two words are not the same.  Do you see what I did there?  🤓 The truth is your truth.  The truth that is buried deep down inside of you.  TheContinue reading “The Difference Between Truth & Honesty”

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Time to Heal

Everybody knows the saying, time heals all wounds.  But what if this is not the case?  What is time anyways and how does it heal?  What is that time doing to or for us that makes us heal?  The truth is, time doesn’t heal wounds.  Time only exists in the mind.  So, if time doesContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Time to Heal”

What is Pain?

What comes to your mind when you think about pain?  Do you think about it and wish that you never had to feel it ever again?  When you feel pain, what do you do with that pain? They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  How manyContinue reading “What is Pain?”

Listening to Understand v. Listening to Reply

I would say that this quote is commonly known.  It is true.  But one day, it randomly came to my mind; what if I am not doing this for myself?  When I am listening to myself, am I listening to understand or am I listening to respond/react?  I found that, although I typically attempted toContinue reading “Listening to Understand v. Listening to Reply”

What does it take to live our full potential?

What does it take in order to become who we truly are deep within us?  What can we do to help ourselves get out of the prisons we create for ourselves through ego?  We have everything that we need for us at all times.  You don’t need anything outside of you to show you whoContinue reading “What does it take to live our full potential?”

What are the Levels of Thought?

We have more than one level of thought.  There are thoughts that live out on the surface of our being, they are active and easy to detect.  When we are debating on taking one route or another on our way to work we think to ourselves “I wonder which route is the fastest.”  Or whenContinue reading “What are the Levels of Thought?”

Moments: The Building Blocks of Life

Life is a series of moments; all jumbled together.  We know that both the past and the present are just simply illusions, so why do we put so much focus and so much emphasis on these illusions that yet, still live in the present moment?  Each moment brings an infinite number of possibilities – whyContinue reading “Moments: The Building Blocks of Life”