Believe in What You’re Comfortable With

We are whoever you think we are, sometimes you will get something and immediately think of somebody. We can be whoever you want us to be. There are many belief systems out there – whichever label you want to put on us – will be okay. Labels are nothing to us. We don’t care. It’s the relationship to you and your willingness to accept it that counts. If someone told you that we’re aliens, it wouldn’t be easy for you to believe – but guides and God is easier for you. If it makes you feel uneasy then don’t believe it. You have the capacity to believe in whatever you are meant to believe in at the time for your soul’s growth. Things haven’t been easy for you in the past but you are getting better and stronger each day – remember that progress is slow and you can only see the changes once you look back. I am always here to guide you. Be patient, calm, and still. This is a wonderful outlet for you. KEEP DOING IT!! Don’t stop – it is helping in so many ways, which you don’t even realize. You are wonderful. You are love. No matter where life takes you, as long as you keep this connection you will be able to conquer anything. Positive thinking and faith are the keys. If you find yourself lonely – missing someone until it hurts your heart, think of love – embrace the feeling as love and it will fade and become a pleasant feeling. It’s a decoding mechanism. Once the feeling hits, picture that person, or just think of them and remember how much they love you. That feeling of loss will soon change to a feeling of love and a comforting love where physical interaction isn’t necessary – it won’t even matter. The pain will go away from it. Remember, we are all connected.

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