Breaking Down to Build Back Up

My dear one, do nothing. Remember that your angels are near and you are never alone. We are here to help you along your path. Your very own unique path. We all have our own. I know that it’s hard sometimes, especially when the outside isn’t reflecting what feels right on the inside. Stay strong dear one. Strength in your amount is not for the weak. Your battle is a hard one but stay true to yourself. This is one of your strengths but it also appears as weakness because the heart knows things that will happen – before they happen which causes for a great deal of the weakness called impatience. This can be difficult to deal with, especially when logic can’t fully support what’s inside. You have dealt with this for a long time and have endured and for that, I applaud you. On to the next discussion. Love is all there is, but why is it so hard to accept it? My little one, fear and negativity have always been easy escapes and you already know this. It is much more difficult to face your true emotions and go along with what feels right inside of you. Hate and fear are so easy to accept because of outside influences that are beyond our control. Your own personal experiences with it have torn you to pieces, especially with no seemingly “good” justification – the outside world never matched your inside world. I had to tear you down, you see – through all of those failures you were broken down until there was nothing left – nowhere to go and the reason is simple – you can’t build a new building where one already exists, unless the building is destroyed. I had to destroy your building to make room for a new one to be built. A new and improved building, but still – yet – so much the same. It is so easy for you now to accept the negative rather than the positive and it’s not your fault – you needed to learn to accept the positive within yourself – just like you accept the positive in others. Sometimes our feelings get misinterpreted because of what we are used to. The anxiety today that you felt – immediately brushed it as such and labeled it with fear – rather than thinking that it was love that you were feeling. As soon as you embraced it as love – it calmed down and went away. You are closer than you think and the only guidance that will help you get to where you need to be is your own guidance system. This week will be “that” week, the one where you feel that something is coming – you feel it right down to the core – it is a wonderful thing and you are doing great as always. Keep it up, your heart will soon be filled and you will once again find peace within all of this. Things don’t feel right – right now and you are feeling those feelings for a reason. It will all get on a more progressive track. Relief is coming little one – stay patient and stay positive. You already know the truth, let it all happen in life the way it’s supposed to and just enjoy the ride.

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