A Different Perspective

You are light, you are love, you are happiness and you are joy. All of these things combined but the biggest aspect is love. God loves you and we love you. We only wish to serve you your greatest good. But just as messages from above get misinterpreted by the human hand & mind, much of what is being handed out gets misinterpreted. The human world and spiritual world are different perspectives and the interpretation can be mis-judged. It all happens for a reason. There is no time, no bad things. How do you think we interpret the thoughts of those down there? We don’t experience negativity – only positive. When you start to understand OUR perspective, you will start to see the bigger picture. Be timeless and only see the good and you will understand our perspective more and know that we really do have your best interests at heart and will give them to you in a way that the world works and accepts for the greater good of humanity. 

You are in a wonderful place right now and you’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Always follow your heart and do what feels good to you. We will take care of the rest. It’s almost time, don’t be late. Your wish is our command. Be timeless and what you are searching for will find you. This isn’t over yet. We are close. Recognize your progress. You have come such a long way. Your reward is just around the corner, just remember one thing – what appears bad isn’t always bad and what appears good may not be so. Be thankful for each and every moment. It all happens for a reason.

What I got most from that, which is huge is that the way that we receive things in this world is different than the spiritual world. They give us what is meant for us and sometimes we ask “why” especially for those bad moments and bad life events. This world works differently. Things can’t just magically pop up. Since there is only good “up there” and no negativity or time, they see it in a different perspective. I think that one of the most difficult things in this world is trying to see things from someone else’s point of view. It’s in essence, the same thing. We often say things like “I don’t know how someone can do that” and the same goes for the spiritual realm versus earth. This is why staying in the moment and thinking positively helps us connect to the spiritual realm. It helps us see things from their perspective and if we try to see the good in everything, we will be able to look back on some of our “bad” events in life and see and understand why those events had to happen. We may think that it could have been accomplished without those “bad” events, but I ask you to really think. Think deep down and stay true to your thoughts – do you REALLY think that things would have gone the same way without those events? Most likely, not. Sometimes it’s hard to admit, but if you can do this and trust that everything happens according to plan, you will live a much more positive and fulfilling life.

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