I know you have traveled a long and difficult road.  Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in our own victimization and say “why me?” but I am here to tell you that this will not last for forever.  I promise you that relief is coming.  You say, “well you’ve told me that before and nothing has happened.”  I want to tell you that you have already experienced relief.  See how far you have come.  Your relief has not come from an outside source.  Your relief has come from within – and although it’s the hardest to do – hardest kind of relief to see, it is also the most permanent kind of relief.  You can never abandon yourself.  You don’t have to rely on anyone else’s presence to lift you up.  Don’t you see how much of a blessing that truly is?  The rough patches are rough, and I know that it is hard, but once that pain goes away, you will come out better and stronger than ever before.  Don’t let yourself go because of things and/or situations that you cannot change.  Accept your beliefs, accept where you are at right at this moment and know that at each and every moment in your life, you are right where you need to be.  There’s no need to over-think it all or try to figure it all out.  Be grateful for what you have been given.  Feel blessed, because you are.  Accept yourself and believe in yourself.  It doesn’t matter if you end up right or wrong.  You feel how you feel – roll with it and see where it takes you.  You can always change your mind later.

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Life, Relationship, and Spiritual Coach. I also coach soul connections such as twin flames and soulmates.

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