All is well with your world.  Fight your temptations if they don’t serve your best interests.  I know things are quite confusing for you now but I promise, as I always do that things will get better.  It just takes some time.  Be patient and be at peace.  You know how to do these things and you do them quite well.  I know you don’t understand and I know that it can be difficult at times but be strong and stay positive.  Remember what you know and don’t fall into the traps.  You are strong willed – remember that.  Remember all of the great things you have learned.  Remember me when times get rough, when the fight for control over the temptation is great – remember you can always come to me and it will make it easier to deal with.  Remember that this too shall pass.  Remember that you don’t always have to give in to temptation to make it go away.  You have the strength within yourself to make it go away.  Remember that nothing is ever permanent.  Stay strong you will get through it.  Breathe through the rough patches and always remember your own strength.  You can do so so much.  Believe in it, believe in yourself.  You have grown into a beautiful butterfly.  Let your beautiful heart and soul soar, don’t keep it contained.  You are doing great.  Don’t let anything bring you down – keep on rising up and keep on moving forward.

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Life, Relationship, and Spiritual Coach. I also coach soul connections such as twin flames and soulmates.

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