Moments: The Building Blocks of Life

Life is a series of moments; all jumbled together.  We know that both the past and the present are just simply illusions, so why do we put so much focus and so much emphasis on these illusions that yet, still live in the present moment?  Each moment brings an infinite number of possibilities – why spend so much of that time reflecting on the past – it is gone – and worrying about a future that has yet to be written?  There are miracles that surround us every single day – in each and every moment.  How do you see those miracles?  Most people take advantage of them.  I’m not speaking of miracles in the sense of a stage 4 cancer patient suddenly becoming well again.  I’m speaking of the every-day, every-moment miracles.  How are you reading this?  On a phone?  Tablet?  Computer?  Do you see the miracles that all had to take place in order for that object to enter your hands?  The miracles that had to take place in order for you to be able to read this on the internet, possibly thousands of miles away from where it was written?  You see, once something has lost its sparkle and it becomes ordinary in our life, we start to forget and the item just becomes dull, lackluster, and we stop appreciating it.  They go from extraordinary to ordinary.  But how about you?  How about the miracle that is you?  Do you take yourself and your life for granted?  Do you see all of the individual moments that were perfectly stitched together to get you here?  To make you who you are today?  Have you begun to see yourself as ordinary rather than extraordinary?  You are a miracle, you have a purpose, and everything you do has a purpose.  Everything started from nothing and in a series of moments, became something.  Look around you, in whatever you see, embrace it, embrace the beauty without judgment – feel the present moment and appreciate it, for all that surrounds you can be taken away in simply – just one moment.

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