What does it take to live our full potential?

What does it take in order to become who we truly are deep within us?  What can we do to help ourselves get out of the prisons we create for ourselves through ego?  We have everything that we need for us at all times.  You don’t need anything outside of you to show you who you really are.  That information is stored deep inside of you just waiting to be unlocked.  See the truth in all that you are.  See the beauty inside of yourself.  Stop believing in all of the lies that you have created for yourself for your so called “protection.”  What is it that we are protecting ourselves from?  Could we be protecting ourselves from ourselves?  Why would we need protection from ourselves?  Do we not trust ourselves enough?  Ego distracts us from our truth.  The thought processes circle around, making sure that we keep ourselves from our own self.  Our true self.  Why are you telling yourself that you are not worthy of being who you are?  When you tell yourself you are not good enough, or not deserving of something – what is it that you’re trying to accomplish by doing so?  We are all good enough.  We are all deserving.  See this truth.  See the beauty in truth.  The truth is not in rejection of self.  The truth is not in lack of self love.  The truth encompasses everything that we are on the inside and we are all beauty in motion.  Why do we keep ourselves from this truth?  Why do we need to constantly keep these lies alive?  Words and action both work together in this.  Words mean nothing without action and action means nothing without words.  Actions will only speak as loud as your words allow you to and words will only speak as loud as your actions allow them to.  Do you see your truth?  If so, do you trust your truth?  See your truth, trust your truth, be your truth.  Break free from your own chains that bind you.

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Life, Relationship, and Spiritual Coach. I also coach soul connections such as twin flames and soulmates.

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