Do You Have an Addiction To Answers?

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I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately on crop circles. Many people would dismiss them as man made. And up until kind of recently, I was more neutral on the subject. I didn’t think that they were man made but I wasn’t dismissing it. I also did not think they were paranormal but I also was not dismissing that either. I really didn’t know much about them. I watched a documentary on them a while back that triggered my fascination in the subject.  I never realized the details that experts look at to determine “authentic” ones versus ones that are “inauthentic.”  Needless to say I am now fascinated with the subject and believe there are obvious unanswered questions there that can be looked at. 
So why is the mainstream so quick to dismiss these occurrences and label them as fake, or man made?  Especially after someone (or some people) came forward and said all of them have been man made, by them.  This got me thinking, without getting into politics or conspiracy theories, why are we as a society so quick to accept an answer to a question, regardless of how credible that answer is per the research done?  Why are we so quick to say that which we cannot prove, must not be real?  Why do we seem so content with accepting an answer to something unknown like this?  Again, without getting into conspiracies…
We are addicted to answers. We are addicted to answers that make sense to our minds. Ones that do not defy logic, answers that are logical.  Science has even seemed to drift from studying the unknown to studying that which can be logically proven. If it cannot or seems like finding proof would be a long shot, the subject is dismissed and even sometimes pegged as “fake.”  We are uncomfortable with the unknown. 
This method of thinking however, severely diminishes our potential for understanding the world, the universe. So once again we find ourselves as our own worst enemy. We want answers so we can better understand our universe, but we are uncomfortable with the unknown, so we accept any answers given that “make sense” logically and then move on with our lives thinking that we have a greater understanding of the world around us. 
The person who knows nothing knows everything. 
Ask questions. Doubt. Be at peace with the unknown. Stop limiting yourself. Open your mind to all of the possibilities the universe gives us. Love the unknown. Find the joy and the thrill in it. Remember that your perception is your reality. Your mind wants to understand, but it does not need to understand.  Some answers can only be found within.
Take a break from answers, so that you can find them.

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