Does the Future Really Exist?

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I started watching a documentary tonight and the phrase “the future is now” popped up. And I started to think about it. In my opinion, the majority of the time that this quote is used is around current technologies and new discoveries. But I saw a deeper meaning there this time. A meaning that I had already known and already understood, but had never interpreted the quote to say what I now see it as.  I used to view it in some kind of vanitorial way, a marketing phrase, superficial.  But now when I see it, I’ll see the deeper meaning to it that most people miss.  
The future does not exist. The only moment in the illusion of time is the present moment. That’s all that ever was and that’s all that ever will be.  The notion that time is linear is a figment of the mind. Time does not stretch from “left to right” in a linear fashion.  Time is a tool that we use to understand and use the physical world that surrounds us.  Anything that happens in the so called future starts now. In this moment. The future is NOW!  Have you ever seen or read something about sequences of events?  Of how one decision you make now affects what will happen next, and so on and so forth?  This is why we need not to focus and get anxious for what has yet to come, it has not come forth yet.  If we spend our now in the future our future will consist of spending time in the future. And the cycle will continue.  
This, I have known for a while.  But I will no longer view “the future is now” in the same way that I had before when I see it. 
Your future is now. Are you paying attention to what the present moment is giving you?  Do you fully embrace each moment as it is passing?  Or do you spend your moments thinking about what comes next?  What comes next? will be What comes next?  What kind of life are you creating for yourself if you are creating What comes next?  
If you are spending the now in the future, you’re likely uncomfortable with the unknown. So, you create more unknown for yourself because you’re spending your present in that which is unknown – the future!  You are uncomfortable with the unknown, so you spend your present in the future to ease your mind about that unknown but then what happens is that you end up in a perpetual state of “the unknown” because you end up in a constant state of being in the future versus the now!  Talk about being your own worst enemy!  
Be now. Be present.  Nothing else exists but. The future is now, do you see it the way I see it NOW?
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