How to Meet Your True Self

I have thought A LOT about this post (no pun intended lol).  In fact, it’s probably been months that I’ve been trying to get my thoughts about this in order in a way to get my thoughts about this “out there.”  I really wanted to do a post about this, but I found myself unable to get my thoughts about thought and thinking about thinking to stop thinking all in order in a way that makes sense.  Who knows, I may not even finish it in one sitting, as I sit here typing right now.  I had the idea of this post for a long time, but nothing was written down until today.

Maybe thinking about thinking to stop thinking isn’t the best title – because I don’t think that “stopping” thinking is what is needed in order to achieve peace.  Of course, silencing the mind for a while does bring peace, however, we are all still human, and we will forever *think.

No, I think it’s more of a – Thinking about thinking to stop thinking the way that you have been you’re whole life.  Modifying your thinking to be less in thought, but in a way as thinking the thoughts that you do have to align with nature and the present moment versus the past and illusions.

Think about thinking so that the thoughts that you do have stop your thinking – you’re still thinking, but the thoughts that you have are aligned in truth.

In order to expose your thought process you have to think about your thought process.  What are the things that you tell yourself in your own mind?  You have to ask yourself questions.  Ask yourself questions, meditate on your responses, and dig deep to find truth.

If this is what I tell myself, why am I telling myself this?  Is this pointing to something that I believe about myself?  I can find things that say, yes, this is showing me that I believe *this* about myself, but there’s also a thought in there that says I do not believe *this* about myself.  How do I know what is the truth?  Can I look at how I act and react to situations?  Can I ask myself “yes” or “no” questions in order to find out what the truth really is?  How do the things I tell myself come out in my actions? How do my actions show the truth that is within me that my ego might be telling me differently about me?
Thinking about your thought process will help you align with your truth.  Think about how certain thought processes make you feel.  Think about your thinking so that you can stop thinking!
On second thought, I do like that title, now that I have been able to get a good grip on what I have been wanting to say and how to say it in a way that would make sense and not seem as though thinking about your thinking literally to cease thinking!
Align your thoughts with your soul.  Are your thoughts for you or against you?  Bring your attention to your thought process, those surface kinds of thoughts, conscious thoughts.  Start recognizing how you present yourself in certain situations – to expose the unconscious thought processes.  Think about why you treat yourself the way that you do.  Find out where this thought process came from.
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