Friendly Update

Hello everyone!  My apologies for not having posted in a while, I was pretty busy and lately I have been taking some time for myself.  BUT I am slowly starting to get back into action.  I will admit, I have been sort of lazy.  I have tons of stuff in the vault just waiting to get out though!  Whether it is on here, my website, or one of my Facebook pages, I have so many things I need to get out there into the universe!

I spent some time today re-vamping my website, the desktop version and the mobile version – man this stuff is time consuming!  I finally took off the “pardon my dust” message at the top, as I feel like I have things set for the time being and everything seems to check out on both the desktop version and the mobile version.  If anyone has any trouble using the website please let me know so I can take care of the issue.

Since I am pretty busy during the day, I hope to get some posts drafted and scheduled for publication some time this week.  I have some blog posts and more coming your way!  In the meantime, have a gander at my website, and, if you’ve traveled here from the blogger website, check out my Facebook pages and Facebook group!  The links are below!  As always, I am also ready and open for coaching sessions, email me for a free 30 minute session!

Check out my blog’s Facebook page and Pursue You Coaching Facebook page for more information and join my Facebook Group or contact me at for a FREE 30 minute session. You can also check out my YouTube Channel: Pursue You Coaching


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Life, Relationship, and Spiritual Coach. I also coach soul connections such as twin flames and soulmates.

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