How to Cope With the Unknown: 3 Ways to Cope

I really don’t like those “3 things that….” type of posts, and even though this isn’t close to those posts that tell you something like “If he does these 10 things he loves you” – I still feel a bit mehh about making this post.  But, the current global events got me inspired.

A lot of people around the world right now are feeling anxious, paranoid, scared, etc.  I started really thinking about these things last night, and what about the whole current situation that is triggering these feelings.  It’s not like we have complete scientific data on it, but that is just the thing.  The unknown.  It can be scary.  When we cannot sense anything with all or most of our main senses and knowledge, there is a mystery around that thing.

Think about a box that all of a sudden floats across a room.  We can see the box moving, and probably even hear that box too.  What we don’t know is what caused that box to move in the first place.  It is not the box moving that is scary, nor any noises the box is making while it is moving, it is the unknown aspect of what made the box move in the first place that is unnerving.  We have the knowledge of cause and effect.  And our senses sensed the box moving, but in processing the event, our knowledge of cause and effect tells us that something had to have done something to that box to move it across the room.  And if there is nothing around that room besides you and that box…what was it that caused it to move?  If you cannot find the cause, the effect within you will be fear.  Because something had to cause the box to move right?  What was it?

The unknown is scary to us because we cannot assess the risk.  When we cannot assess risk, our egos default to fear, anxiety, etc.

When it comes to the unknown, there are a few things that you can keep in mind that will help ease you through the experience:

1.  Trust:

There is a certain order to nature.  Have you ever thought about how chaotic civilization seems at times, but yet everything has order and everything has its place and serves its own purpose?  On the outside it looks like chaos, but when you look at the details there is order within this appeared chaos.  Trust that whatever may happen is meant to be.  That you will be okay no. matter. what.  Everything that happens is for a reason and you are always exactly where you are meant to be.  You are always imperfectly perfect!  Every single thought, feeling, action, etc., everything.

2.  Believe:

Believe in yourself and your own power to do what is necessary to make an inner change.  Just as much as there is a natural order to things, we also have the power within us to change our inner state of being.  This power is a part of the natural order to things.  Don’t wait for something outside of you to change the inner you, you always have and always will have this power inside of you.

3.  Breathe:

Sometimes our fear of the unknown can get out of hand.  We can start to panic, have severe anxiety, and this excessive fear negatively impacts our life in those moments and it can also make us act outside of our normal self.  Take 20 deep breaths, focus on it and focus on your chest going up and down.  When you change your focus to your breathing, your (simply put) focus changes to your breathing rather than the unknown that triggered the fear.  Meditate.  You might even soon forget all about whatever it is that is causing the fear in the first place!  Be in the moment.

A side note to all of this, find balance.  The unknown can be scary at times, however, we shouldn’t tip ourselves too far to one scale or the other.

To put it into current context, make sure you are educated about what is going on, but do not spend 3 hours every day reading about it.  Educate yourself enough to make the decision of what kinds of precautions you are going to take, without going to far to where you are exchanging the negative fear of the unknown to a different negative thing and thought process.  Take appropriate steps, but don’t go too far.  The key word here is balance.

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Check out my blog’s Facebook page and Pursue You Coaching Facebook page for more information and join my Facebook Group or contact me at for a FREE 30 minute session. You can also check out my website:

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