How to Align Your Head & Heart

In my last post I mentioned having your ego and your spirit be in alignment (  Being in alignment with yourself.  In order for you to truly love yourself, your ego and your spirit need to be in alignment.  In my opinion, the spiritual community focuses a lot on just moving from your head {ego} to your heart {spirit/higher self}, however, I believe that this is not the way towards true self love and alignment.  The spiritual community focuses a lot on just trying to be positive only and essentially forget that we are subject to the duality of nature and the universe.  I wrote about this topic a little more in my post titled “I’m Positive you Shouldn’t Think Positive.”  Ego is any and all of your thought processes, unconscious and conscious, both good and bad.

True self love requires one to love all aspects of themselves, even ego.  We are part human and part spirit, would we be fully loving ourselves if we reject the part of us that make us human and only accept the spirit?  There is no difference between living in rejection of your ego and living in rejection of your heart.  In both scenarios, one aspect of yourself is still being rejected.  If you are in rejection of part of your self, how can you be fully loving yourself?

If your ego says, “I am not worthy” – “I cannot be successful” – “I will never find love” – “Everyone in the world is selfish” – “I suck” – “I am a bad person.”  These things are not rooted in truth!  It is true that some people DO do bad things, but as spirits we are all pure.  It is ego that is the root of bad behaviors.  You may or may not realize that these thought processes are going on inside of you.

Your higher self says, “I am worthy” – “I can be successful” – “I will find love and I do already have love” – “I am an amazing person” – “I am a good person.” The soul is pure.  The soul is truth. 

When your thoughts are more in alignment with truth, you do not have to reject your ego as your thought processes have become in alignment with that truth.  You can love your ego.  You can even love your ego when it’s not in alignment with your higher self.  We aren’t perfect, and we are always going to have these egoic thought processes, however, once you gain a better understanding of the bigger picture, you can live more in truth.  You will be less likely to act upon ego and more likely to project truth.  Communication gets better, your happiness level gets better, your life gets better.  We understand other people better and see the same humanity in us, is present within them as well.

It looks like this within self:  (Picture a girl’s boyfriend that is having an innocent platonic conversation with another girl)

Internal dialogue of the girl:
-“I am jealous of (other girl).  But I know that this jealousy stems within me, and that it is my responsibility to heal the wounds/issues that are the root of this jealousy.  I can tell him how I feel in order to be open and vulnerable with him, but I will also explain that I do no expect him to heal this for me and that I do not want or expect him to do anything different but be his true self.”

This person has an understanding that the jealousy that she is feeling is that of her own and only she can and is responsible for it.   This is not to say that someone else’s actions can’t help, however, when all is said and done, only the person having the experience can change it.  Otherwise, the girl’s jealous thought process will seep into the relationship in other ways.  This example could also have trust issues as well.  Sometimes, all it takes is for one person to change the dynamic in a relationship.

When you aren’t in alignment, the internal conversation would go more like this:
Internal dialogue of the girl:
-“I am jealous of ____________.  Once we get home I am going to SNAP at him for talking to her!”

I can bet that you can imagine how the situation would unfold from here…the man is going to get upset at the girl for not trusting him, and an argument will follow because the girl will continue to make the man responsible for her own emotions and her own issues.  The man may come to resent the girl for her controlling behavior and inability to trust him. 

Remember, we can’t change anyone else besides ourselves.

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Check out my blog’s Facebook page and Pursue You Coaching Facebook page for more information and join my Facebook Group or contact me at for a FREE 30 minute session. You can also check out my website:

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