Patience: What does it mean & how to be more patient

One of the issues facing today’s society is instant gratification. We want, and we want it now. We are more focused on the end result, the destination rather than the journey that it takes to reach it. We cringe when our online orders take more than three days to reach us and when a company does not meet our expectations, we complain and leave them negative feedback. Instead of working towards a personal goal, “the hard way,” we opt to take a pill or fall for some other gimmick that guarantees “results in one week” or “one day.” We are all always looking for the easy way out, so that we don’t have to hold ourselves accountable for our own circumstances. Because if that happened, we would no longer be able to stay “safe” inside our “story.”

Being patient means being present with your wants and holding space in yourself to receive it. It means not waiting around for something to come along, it means you keep living your life and taking any steps that you can to get what you want, and be open to it when it does come. Enjoy the journey that it takes for you to get there, not just the end result. It means being at peace in the present moment and be in acceptance of it. Release any expectation as to when you will reach your destination and understand that sometimes life gets in the way of things. Expectations can lead to disappointment and blame. Impatience is rooted in the future.

Be patient with yourself as well as other people. Work on becoming more patient. Because patience is rooted in the future, one of the most important things you can do to be more patient is to be present and shift your focus to that which surrounds you. What is in front of you right now? Practice gratitude and be thankful for everything that you do see around you right now, in this moment. Meditate. Recognize that what you *think* you want, when you want it, might not be what you truly do want deep down. The universe knows best and is always working in your favor, even if you don’t think it is. Express your impatience, but do so without judgment, projection, or assumption. It is okay to say, “I am feeling impatient right now and I understand that this feeling is my responsibility.”

When we blame someone else for not meeting our own expectations (especially if you have not expressed any expectations that you do have), project our impatience onto others, we give our power away to external circumstances.

Remember, we can’t always change our external circumstances, but we can change our inner state of being.

Be patient darling, good things come in due time. We can’t get restless. Restlessness is impatience and impatience is unhappiness and anticipation for the future. Our lives are filled with joy every second of our lives. Do you feel lucky to have a life? Be grateful for the smaller things in life and you will surely feel happy in each moment. Peace at every step. Some days can be difficult, I understand, but just remember that with each second that passes, brings a world of opportunity. Each second of your life is filled with endless possibility. Be thankful for each second. Remember that the possibilities are endless and everything can change in the blink of an eye. There may not be many of these times, but they do happen. Stay patient. Good things will come, I promise. For now, until that moment, be grateful for now. Because you will never get “now” back. Be grateful for each second, each minute, because you could lose all that you have in the blink of an eye. You are not “stuck” unless you want to be “stuck.” It’s a journey remember? Things always move forward even if it doesn’t seem that way.

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