Silence: How to find truth

It was in his silence that I had found the only voice that had ever mattered. My own. It was with this silence that I didn’t have anything else besides me, myself, and I. I realized exactly how I was treating myself. I finally was able to hear myself. And I wasn’t treating myself tooContinue reading “Silence: How to find truth”

The #1 Thing Most Humans Forget About

Nature. You would think that, since we are reminded about it every time we take a look outside, the trees, the sun, the clouds, animals, you name it, that we would remember how we are not separate from nature. We as humans are still restricted by nature. Maybe it’s because of our consciousness, and howContinue reading “The #1 Thing Most Humans Forget About”

Meditation Techniques – Body Scan — Together Mindful

Meditation Techniques – Body Scan One of the most valuable, and yet often overlooked, techniques you can add to your meditation is a body scan. It allows us to ‘look inside’ to get a picture of how the body is feeling, both physically and emotionally. In fact some meditation teachers even describe it as being […]Continue reading “Meditation Techniques – Body Scan — Together Mindful”

Meditation Commentary – Inner Power — ThoughtsnLifeBlog by Bella

Restore your inner power with this meditation. When we are stabilised in ourself as I the Soul, we become so strong. Meditation Commentary – Inner Power — ThoughtsnLifeBlog by Bella