Are You a Talker or a Communicator? Part One

Part 1 of the blog post that I just re-blogged.

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Before I begin this post on communication I feel that I must point out that I?m only writing about half of the communication process. And it?s the least important half.

The communication process of course involves speaking and listening. Of the two listening is far more important. Listening is how we learn. You will learn more in five minutes of listening then you will learn in a lifetime of talking. Sometime in the future I?ll probably do a post on listening, maybe right after I do that post on procrastination. But for now we are talking about the speaking part of the process. I should also point out that much of the speaking part can also apply to our written communications.

Here?s something you might not like to hear but you?ll be a much better communicator if you believe it: you are 100% responsible for both parts of the communication…

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