Are You a Talker or a Communicator? Part Two

Good read! I may have to touch on this topic some time in the near future.

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In my last post we talked about accepting 100% responsibility for everything you say AND 100% responsibility for everything the person you?re speaking with hears. Once you?re willing to do that then you?ll have the opportunity to improve your own communication skills.

The beauty of accepting 100% responsibility is that it doesn?t matter how good the other person?s communication skills are. You still get your message across and have the possibility of better understanding their message as well.

To communicate well you?ll want to make certain that your thoughts are delivered in as clear and concise a manner as possible. It helps to have a good idea about what you?re trying to communicate. If you don?t know what you want to say how will the other person ever figure it out?

Make what you?re saying easy for the other person to understand. You do not want people guessing at whatโ€ฆ

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