The Push-Pull Relationship

I found this article years back and I really think that more people need to remember things like this. People always go to calling the other person names and saying things like “my ex is a narcissist” – “my ex is an asshole” – you get the idea here. The truth is that MOST ofContinue reading “The Push-Pull Relationship”

The Truth About the Law of Attraction That Nobody Else Will Tell You

Many people do not fully understand what the Law of Attraction actually is and how it really works. Find out the secrets behind “The Secret” and finally start seeing reality shift in your favor.

Is the Twin Flame Label a Cult?

I know this question is on many of your minds. Is the twin flame label a cult? Are you involved in the twin flame community & “drinking the kool-aid” so to speak?

Why Money is Not a Bad Thing for Spiritual Businesses

Why the spiritual community needs to stop criticizing those who charge money for their services. Money is not the root of all evil, greed is. And greed does not discriminate. One that is greedy with one’s money would also likely be greedy with something else, if it not be for money. They would be greedy with whatever asset they believe is the most valuable to them and society as a whole if it wasn’t for money. Greed happens with or without money, but many times people do not see this distinction.

Can You Really Love Someone If You Don’t Love Yourself?

What The Saying “You Can’t Love Another Until You Love Yourself” Actually Means & How it Should Be Interpreted Be sure to also check out the video at the end too!! I recently came across something on social media that got me thinking about this topic. Obviously this is something that is always on myContinue reading “Can You Really Love Someone If You Don’t Love Yourself?”

Light & Dark

Light cannot exist without dark. Dark cannot exist without light. The universe created darkness so that we could see the light. When you experience something bad, something dark, the universe is trying to show you light!  Next time something happens that seems like it’s bad, see what kind of light comes from it! The universeContinue reading “Light & Dark”

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging

Make sure you check out the video below too!! If you had everything that you ever wanted in life…would you be able to accept it?  Or would you find a way to somehow get into a thought process, a pattern, that would lead you to self sabotage? Quite often, we tend to tell ourselves thatContinue reading “How to Stop Self-Sabotaging”