See the "Good" in the "Bad"

Keep up the good work. You are a very passionate person and you’re good at what you do. Be a little patient this might take some time. God is good and great. Relief is just around the corner. You did a good job this time around and passed the test. Congratulations. It is always okay to keep yourself guarded. Those thoughts will not manifest, as long as you do not dwell on them or see them as inevitable like you did the last one. You figured it out so quickly – although it came with hurt, you now understand that your feelings are correct and you can trust yourself more than others. The lesson there has been cleared and you can now move forward – fearless & fierce (like you are). Have confidence in yourself. This isn’t the time to over think and analyze. You need to just “be.” Although things may seem like they have slowed, stopped or backtracked, things are moving faster than ever before. What do you think that illusion means? Reflecting your fear for you to get over was one goal, but there was another lesson/realization that you needed to learn/recognize right now. Think about it…what is it? Yes, it is a test. Stop writing and dwell on it and see what else you can come up with.

Bad things always aren’t bad and good things aren’t always good. Sometimes the bigger picture and plan is at play for our own good and for the good of everyone as a whole. When something bad happens to us we automatically see it as bad, until later on, when we can see that it was a good thing that the bad thing happened to us. Bad isn’t always bad and good isn’t always good when it comes to life events.

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