Is the Twin Flame Label a Cult?

Definition of cult

1 : a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious (see spurious sense 2) also : its body of adherents the voodoo cult a satanic cult

2a : great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (such as a film or book) criticizing how the media promotes the cult of celebrity especially : such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad

I know this question is on many of your minds. Is the twin flame label a cult? Are you involved in the twin flame community & “drinking the kool-aid” so to speak?

One cannot outright generalize the twin flame label as a cult or not as a whole due to the fact that it all depends on the individual at question and that individual’s specific relation to the twin flame label.

The twin flame label is not a cult, but it can be “cult like” and for some, it can be more cult like than others. It can also be more standard “religious-like” rather than “cult-like.”

In order to determine if you’re in a “twin flame cult” you first need to take a look at the definition of “cult” as well as the common qualities and characteristics of cults. For this, I am going to use the list from this link.

The general twin flame community consists of various different social media groups, coaches, other internet personalities, and the like. First off, I would like to tackle a specific group that is discussed in this video and my interview with Andrea (that starts at 10:00 into the video). Here is her YouTube channel if you’d like to see more, as she discusses the group in relation to this topic more in depth as she was a former client (errrrr member?). This group has been the most cult-like group that I have come across. The “leaders” (or “coaches”) of this group are a [self proclaimed] twin flame couple who have built a cult-like following via their YouTube channel and other social media outlets. They also have a “coaching program” where they train people to become coaches themselves, those of which have their own different level of “cult-likeish-ness”. These “secondary coaches” form a second level of leadership in the group, they make their own videos for social media; and unless you know what to look for, you may have come across some of their videos and not known that they were associated with this group. Some of the characteristics of this group are:

  • Not being able to say things that do not align with the group’s leaders on their social media groups pages, resulting in some form of “punishment” (banishment from groups or verbal abuse)
  • For coaches, having to essentially work for free, spending tremendous amounts of time on the same.
  • Rules that coaches must follow that go beyond standard ethics (including sharing belief systems) in order to remain in “good standing” with the leaders. If they do not, that coach’s “certificate” is revoked and the leaders will “no longer recommend” that coach to people. Another form of punishment.
  • The male leader has claimed himself to be the second coming of Christ.
  • Some members have been encouraged to break ties with family and friends (isolation except for other group members).
  • Preoccupied with making money & bringing in new members (in regards to their “coaches”).
  • The leaders induce feelings of shame and/or guilt in order to influence and control members.
  • The group has a sort of “us versus” them mentality due to the fact that many people have come out against this group, their unethical activities have been publicized, and the leaders and members are often defending themselves against these things and “haters.”
  • They have told people who to be in relationships with in a manipulative manner by using the twin flame label and telling someone “this person is your twin flame” (which “promises” bliss and all the other overly romanticized baggage that comes with the twin flame label).
  • They have told/led people to believe that they are or are not homosexual or trans (by pairing a lesbian with a man or telling someone they are or are not trans).

If you are part of a group that exhibits these kinds of characteristics and ones that are listed on the linked website it is more cult-like than not, for you. The more characteristics the group exhibits, the more cult-like it is and could even be a full blown cult. If you are a part of or come across anyone that is using the Twin Flames Universe name or using the term “mirror exercise” or “harmonious union” (as opposed to just “union”) then the person may be associated with the group, or just parroting things that they heard from someone with the group, knowingly or unknowingly. The twin flame label is very vulnerable to things of this nature due to the fact that it appeals to emotions and the wants of people, and it takes advantage of vulnerable people, the twin flame label and its “baggage” is attractive to some.

The twin flame label is also “religion-like” for some as well. This comes without the cult-like characteristics, but it still does have a sort of religious-like undertone to it. Firstly, Oxford Dictionaries defines religion as the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods. Now, although there is not a “god” involved in the twin flame label, the label still has a similar aspect to it. Some people even put the one they label as their twin flame on a pedestal, in comparison to worship. Worship is defined as “the reverent love and devotion accorded a deity, an idol, or a sacred object.” Or they might “worship” finding a twin flame, or connecting to their twin flame that’s “on the other side” which can be even more compared to worshiping a god/deity. In certain religions you have to follow a “code of conduct” in order to go to heaven or any other afterlife type of place. For this, you can compare “union” to heaven and the “steps to union/the work” or “stages” as a sort of guideline or “code of conduct” in order to reach union. The twin flame label comes with those “this is what you do to achieve union” things.

Now, although many people would agree that there are certain commonalities of people who have placed the twin flame label on their connection, it is not something that is “abided to.” It should also be noted that even if one or a few things are technically being abided to, it doesn’t mean that it can be categorized as “religious-like” for that person. If you are constantly trying to get external advice about “what to do in the twin flame connection” whether it be from the same person or different people, you are seeking someone to give you that “code of conduct” that will give you “union/heaven”. Some people even do this when it comes to trying to FIND a twin flame, i.e. “what do I need to do to find my twin flame.” This is not to be confused with just trying to find a community of people that will understand you and how you feel, though.

The twin flame label ends up becoming something that people put on a pedestal, whether it be a twin flame connection itself or coming into union. Instead of being preoccupied with finding one’s self, the preoccupation is in either coming into union or finding a twin flame. And if you’re preoccupation is in finding yourself in order to come into union, guess what? That still falls under being preoccupied with union! In the same way that religious people are preoccupied with (or focus on) making sure their behavior gets them into heaven. Heaven is a beautiful place right? Bliss. And union is something that people describe as bliss too, the fairy tale ending. The commonalities are that they each have [supposed code for twin flames] codes of conduct that result in bliss/result in an appealing and favorable outcome.

Whether or not the twin flame label is cult-like or religious-like all depends on your connection with the label. If you started doing “the work” for YOU, it points toward it not being like a religion. If you started doing the work because you found the twin flame label and the person’s article or video you came across told you to do “the work” so you do it – you are not doing it for you, you’re doing it to achieve that specific result of union. It is more religious-like in that sense. The twin flame connection gives you everything you need to know through your own intuition. You cannot mess up that which is meant for you! And if you’re constantly seeking that external advice, it becomes even more religious-like. If you’re following certain people that tell you who is or who is not your twin flame with definitive certainty, are encouraging you to break ties with family and friends, do not allow you to disagree, request an abundance of your time including working for free, and essentially want you to follow them and their truth versus helping you get closer to yourself and find your own truth, you might be in a more cult-like twin flame group. Any twin flame coach that you come across should always help you find you, not manipulate or encourage you to worship them and their truth.

As I have said before, anyone that has to call themselves a “guru” is likely doing so for marketing purposes. A true guru doesn’t label themselves a guru, the name is given to them by their peers, not themselves. There are genuine people out there in the twin flame community, but there are also those that are out there to take advantage of the vulnerable. The twin flame label can be cult-like, but it all depends on your personal relationship with the label.

Don’t drink the kool-aid friends!

Much love 💜🤘

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