What is SpiritYOUality

There’s a reason that there’s a “U” right smack dab in the middle of it. Some may view it in religious or mystical terms, but what does spirituality actually mean?  What does it mean to be spiritual?
Although any definition will suffice for each individual, as you will see, spirituality is about self and your connection to self. 
Take a deep look at yourself. How many times per day do you allow someone else to dictate your actions or how you feel?  Have you ever listened to someone else’s advice and ended up in a situation that you did not want to be in and then thought “I should have just done what I felt I needed to do instead of listening to that other person” or done something that just didn’t feel right to you only because someone else told you to do it?  Ever listened to someone else’s thoughts about you and allowed yourself to be emotionally affected in a way that made you feel uneasy? 
Are you connected or disconnected to yourself?
Each individual on this planet is on his or her own personal journey.  A journey that is custom made just for them!  In this beautifully orchestrated chaotic but yet orderly universe that we live in, everyone has their own part to play in this nature.  YOU know what is best for your own journey in life.  Although receiving guidance from others is helpful, such guidance should resonate with you and feel right. As “they” (whoever “they” are lol) say, if it feels right, then it’s right.  Feel it in your heart. In your body. If something is amuck, stop for a second, look deep inside of yourself, and see what direction leads to disconnection with yourself and which leads to connection with self. 
Let your heart be your guide. Nobody can tell you what is best for you other than YOU.  If you were allergic to apples, you wouldn’t eat an apple because someone else told you that they’re good for you and you should eat them!  So why and how would anyone else know what is best for you any other wise? 
Be your own guide in life.  Wherever your spirit leads you is exactly where you need to be and when you need to be there.  It may not be what we want or where we want.  But there is a bigger picture at play. The universe is a puzzle and each person in it is a piece of that puzzle.  Each piece fits perfectly into another and so on and so forth that makes this beautiful thing we call the universe. 

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Trust in YOU.  Believe in YOU.  You are much more than you think you are.Check out my blog’s Facebook page and Pursue You Coaching Facebook page for more information and join my Facebook Group or contact me at pursueyoucoach@gmail.com for a FREE 30 minute session. You can also check out my YouTube Channel: Pursue You Coaching

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Life, Relationship, and Spiritual Coach. I also coach soul connections such as twin flames and soulmates.

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