"Woke AF"

Dear Society, being “woke” has nothing to do with being PC. Being “woke” is the complete opposite of trying to control your surroundings. It’s the complete opposite of trying to force your will upon others. It’s not about trying to fix an inner problem or problems with an outside solution. It has very little, if anything at all, to do with politics. It is not about being unconscious to our own thoughts, actions, and reactions. It is not about ego.

Being truly awake is to be aware of how the way you treat yourself is going to be reflected in how you treat others. Its about knowing how to fully love yourself, or at the very least being able to recognize the thought patterns you have and how it’s reflected back to you in your own life. Being able to be the spectator of your own thoughts and how it shapes you as a person. It’s knowing that you can’t control everything in your life but also knowing that once you point the finger to outside of yourself, you remove all the power that you do have inside of you to make a change. It’s about personal accountability. It is understanding that the basic expression of unconditional love is free will. It’s about understanding that as much as we are souls having a human experience, we still are human and to deny our humanity is to deny part of our own self. It is about balance.

I’m not “woke” – I’m awake.

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