The #1 Thing Most Humans Forget About

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You would think that, since we are reminded about it every time we take a look outside, the trees, the sun, the clouds, animals, you name it, that we would remember how we are not separate from nature. We as humans are still restricted by nature. Maybe it’s because of our consciousness, and how we perceive ourselves as somewhat “above” everything else in this world because of it.

We need to remember that, although we are not bound by nature and are not acting solely on instinct, that we also play our part in the natural order to life. Some people call it God, other people call it something else. But no matter what you decide to specifically perceive it as and call it, we are still just as much a part of the natural order to life as anything else.

We tend to have this false sense of control. In fact, it is as much of a false sense of control as it is a real sense of control, but there are other things that are out there that come into play. Sometimes, no matter what precautions we take to avoid something, that something still happens. And sometimes, no matter what steps that we take in order to try and reach a goal, it doesn’t happen. Our choices and nature mixing all together that also, at the end of the day and in the grand scope of things all plays its part in nature. But this is no excuse to sit back and just let life happen to us, it is no excuse to “not try”. We need to keep our minds in balance in this.

We do have choices. But there is also something bigger that’s at play. We need to remind ourselves of this. Every time you look outside and see a tree or a bird, remember that everything and anything is connected. Remember that every single moment plays its part in the bigger picture. It looks like chaos, it looks scattered, and it looks like we have control, but even that sense of control is still a part of nature.

We are infinite spiritual beings experiencing a human existence. Keep a balanced ego and remember what you are.

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